Key #1 to Turn Your Resolutions into a Revolution

“Amanda, I have been developing a new model for Business and Education to play together for the last 30 years…” 

As she shared her vision and her story, the hairs on my arms began to stand straight up and I felt tons of energy running through me from head to toe. I could see the connections she was making, and my inner eye could see the impact this message could have on our children, our education systems, our businesses, and our world. It would be revolutionary.

“Amanda, we want to write a book that will offer a new framework for Business and the Parole System, and the many systems that could be advocating for them and bringing them together…” 

As the three men shared their vision, I felt sheer excitement at the opportunity to help them get this vision and story on paper. Another revolution.


Revolutions. New models. New frameworks. New paradigms. 

The old ones aren’t working, and these folks can see exactly why because they have been on the inside of these failing systems, they have tried new ideas and practices, and they have created amazing results with the smallest shifts in beliefs and behaviors.

Even after a decade of working with messengers like these – weaving together their expertise and stories in ways that profoundly change the lives of their readers, audiences, and clients – I am always awestruck by how divinely orchestrated their journeys have been and how divinely everything fits together to achieve their True Intention.


Awestruck…but no longer surprised.


I do not have a shred of doubt that:

  • every circumstance, person, and bit of information that crosses our path does so with Divine Intention

  • our stories are living, breathing, vibrating expressions of Divinity Itself

  • the inspiration to share our expertise and our stories is a Divine Invitation to dissolve old wounds and false identities into goo (think caterpillar to butterfly!) and reorganize our material into a profoundly beautiful, delightful, and powerful offering to the world

And my absolute favorite thing to do in the world is
to help messengers witness story magic this for themselves
and begin to walk in their current story with new wonder and joy,
knowing without a doubt that their Co-Author is a Master Storyteller.


What would you do differently – how would you change your new year’s resolutions today? – if you believed that you have a Master Co-Author of your life who:

  • carefully co-writes the setting, characters, plot lines, and inciting moments
    to keep our journeys purposeful and epic

  • takes note of all of our important inner dialogue, conversations, and decisions

  • chooses our supporting characters carefully – yes, even ‘villains’! – based
    on what we need to learn

  • applauds when we answer the call and take courageous action in the
    direction of our purpose and dreams

  • silently walks with us into our dark caves of disappointment, pain, and fears
    and cheers as we make our way out

  • cares more about who we become, than what we achieve, as our story unfolds

  • loves helping us find our way Home and share our most profound lessons

I’ve spent a decade walking alongside messengers
who are committed to sharing their message with the world in the most powerful way and, more importantly, becoming the hero and more intentional co-author of their own story. And one thing I’ve learned over this decade is that ONE OF THE REASONS MESSENGERS’ NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS (to write the book, develop their signature talk, and launch their programs) FAIL is LACK OF CLARITY regarding their True Intention.


What if your soul is waiting for you to weave your story with your expertise
because it knows that any other message delivery system lacks the gravity and power required to change lives the way you know you are meant to?


The messenger with the new model for Education and Business was going to share other people’s results and stories with her framework, but not the path of spiritual insights, belief changes, experiments, decisions, and behaviors that led her to its development…and would lead others to the same conclusions. What would her readers have been missing out on if she’d only shared core concepts and results?


What if your soul is waiting for you to see how you can merge ALL of it
– your gifts, talents, and passions –
because it refuses to keep sacrificing one for the other…
and your opportunity for pure fun and joy in your work?


Another messenger was stuck, unable to develop a program to launch, because she knew that she could blend her love of racing cars with her business expertise…but her soul didn’t want to leave out the deep-dive retreat opportunities that also fuel her personal joy.


What if just a little more Clarity about Your True Intention
could catapult you into a more a more true expression of your purpose?


I am super clear that this work is a huge part of my True Intention.
Everything in my story leads me here.

  • I loved to write stories and essays and poems throughout my childhood.

  • I got my butt kicked in the honors program where I learned how to think critically, organize content powerfully, and persuade and influence with my writing.

  • I earned a degree and credential in Education that taught me how to structure content, learning environments, and experiences for maximum impact.

  • I was trained to create safe spaces and facilitate transformation individually
    and in large groups.

  • I have been on my own Spiritual Messenger Hero’s Journey – from lightning bolt AHA and magical synchronicity, through dissolving wounds and fears, to bringing the elixir of The Butterfly Approach back, and then starting the next adventure.

  • I owned the intuitive gifts that allow me to tap into someone’s message and story and weave them together into a powerful matrix that becomes the framework for their book, their signature talk, their curriculum, and their revenue model.

  • I am a story junkie, having spent decades witnessing the power of story to connect with people’s hearts, to inspire revolutions, and to keep us humans reaching for the next epic achievement…individually and collectively.

What gifts, skills, and passions could you bring forward
with a little Clarity about Your True Intention?


And truth be told, I got a lot of clarity in 2016 that has me excited about 2017. I’ve known for a long time that “just because I can, doesn’t mean I should,” but man – did I get that lesson hard-core this year!

After The Wind sent enough evidence my way – hey, I can be a little stubborn when I love my clients so much! – I released work that was easy for me, but was actually taking on nightmarish qualities because my soul knew it was not where I am meant to make the most impact with my gifts.

So my New Year’s Resolutions no longer include the launch of programs that would offer those services. But the opportunities for me to use my high-impact gifts alongside people I love to work with are rolling in – new clients, speaking opportunities, etc.


What if a little more Clarity about Your True Intention
could activate the flow of money and joy in your work?


I cannot even tell you how much JOY and EXCITEMENT I HAVE ABOUT THE NEW YEAR, thinking about living and thriving and playing inside of my true intention!


What could a little Clarity of Your True Intention
free up IN you and FOR you this next year?


Don’t know?


Well, if you have a few minutes…


CLICK HERE for my What’s Your True Intention? audio, grab a pen and piece of paper, and see what POSSIBILITY comes up…and, more importantly, what HEAVINESS drops away.


I’m telling you – the first key to turning your Resolutions into a Revolution is CLARITY.


And I’d LOVE to hear what comes up for you…and what drops away!


p.s. If your Clarity includes getting that book, signature talk, or curriculum into the world this year, then grab a sneak-peek at my New Year’s Special: Give Your Message Wings in 2017.
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