Kawtar El Alaoui

Dear Hopeful Leader, We Can Do This!

Leaders across the globe are feeling frustrated and running ragged. Burnout is at an all-time high. Personal well-being is at an all-time low. Meanwhile, the social and cultural change we work to create in our systems and organizations seems ever-out-of-reach.

We know we have to let go of the old paradigm,
but what exactly do we put in its place?

When Kawtar El Alaoui realized how deeply the old paradigms had failed her, it was almost too late. Her body failing, career falling apart, and support system fumbling to help, she realized resistance was futile. The only way out was through. To heal her life, Kawtar had to confront and replace nine disempowering beliefs that had held her hostage to a life of external privilege and internal chaos since childhood. What started as a personal journey unfolded into an embodied mission to help others to change the world more effectively.



“From the moment I met Amanda, I felt she had a clear understanding of the journey of messengers and a mastery in guiding them with care and accountability. That impression only got reinforced as I worked with her and the True To Intention team. I found a unique and refreshing balance of inner work and outer action. Amanda's journey made her deeply attuned to the wounds of being a messenger and she holds you as a whole person, not just an author putting words on paper. It makes all the difference, and you emerge from the process with a more embodied message. I am so grateful I was introduced to Amanda and her team, and I cannot recommend them enough to new paradigm messengers."

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