Karissa Joiner & Kelcie Yack

Karissa Patel & Kelcie Yack are twin sisters and elementary school teachers with a passion for education. They have young children of their own and understand the importance of relatable content that can help kids work through their struggles. Twins have to balance the pressures of being seen as a package deal, as well as wanting to identify as individuals. After years of trying to find that balance, Karissa and Kelcie realize how powerful this message can be. Even if you are not a twin or multiple, the message of celebrating similarities and differences spans across all relationships and friendships.


“We reached out for help with the book because The Best Twins Ever was our first children's book project. We needed guidance on the steps to take in order to edit, illustrate, and publish our book. We're glad we enlisted Amanda's support because she supported and coached us every step of the way. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise allowed us to fulfill our dream of becoming published authors. We would not hesitate to recommend Amanda for any of your book writing and/or publishing needs.”

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