"What value do I have to give the world?"

Four and a half years ago, the idea of becoming an author changed the course of my life forever. I’d just finished lunch with one of my mentors, and was chatting about her new book when she challenged me, “You should write a book, too, Amanda.” I laughed out loud, first because the thought had never entered my mind, and second because she had unknowingly struck a HUGE, painful nerve…and laughing seemed better than crying. I have the skills to write a book, but what would I say? And who would listen to this 27 year old who, underneath the apparent success and practiced smile, is actually pretty lost?

My mentor, friends, and family all thought I was on the fast-track to success, but I knew the truth. On the inside, I was losing everything and telling no one. My marriage was on the rocks, my dream career had become impossible, and I was broke. Under that plastic smile and laughter, I was a depressed young woman, disconnected from my purpose, struggling to make ends meet, wondering what had happened to my “happily-ever-after”, and hiding the tears from my 3 year old son.

Trying to keep my composure, I joked, “Maybe I’ll write a book and you can put your name, many degrees, and amazing accomplishments on there.” The extraordinary mentor she is, she didn’t budge. “Amanda, you have something of value to give to the world now. What is it?” I don’t remember any of our goodbye. She may as well have been Charlie Brown’s teacher: “Wa-wa, wa-wa, wa-wa…”

I started crying the minute I got in the car, trying to release some of the pain in my chest. And then something happened. By the time I pulled into my driveway 45 minutes later, I had uncovered the message that had always been bubbling inside me, I had mentally outlined a series of books, and I knew that I needed a Secret Teacher to help me get the word out…

Everyone laughed when I told them I was going to attract a Secret Teacher, except one. I was working on Ursula Mentjes’ Selling with Intention, and when I told her, she agreed to hold the intention with me.

Three months later, almost to the day, Lisa walked into a Sizzler behind me…

The rest of the story is too long to share in one post, but here are the highlights:

• Lisa invited me to her workshop the following week, where I realized ALL of the reasons she was the Secret Teacher that had been placed on my path.

• I was accepted into Lisa’s Facilitator Empowerment Program and, in the process of learning how to teach teens how to love themselves and make integrity-based decisions, I experienced three years of healing and transformation.

• After my certification, I found myself at another crossroad. Would I dare to dream again and take action on the inspiration to create True to Intention, or would I let the dream go? (This is the story I share in the soon-to-be-released Unbreakable Spirit.)

• Only two years after I took the leap, I am even clearer and helping aspiring authors get the clarity on their message, connect it with their purpose, write and produce their books, and launch their dreams through my retreats, coaching programs, book production opportunities, and a big book signing event – the first of which I’m hosting in March!

Can you see now why I am SO PASSIONATE about helping others get clear on their intention?

It’s where ALL the magic begins!

And all because someone encouraged me to ask the questions: “What value do I have to give the world today?”

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