Giving the Mind a Mission

“I just give that part of me a JOB. They are in charge of…” One of my cherished mentors proceeded to list all of the tasks and activities she’d delegated to her Ego: wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc.

My sides nearly split with laughter, but I was so grateful for that perspective.

All those years ago, I was immersed in communities and conversations that were demonizing the Ego/Mind; but those beliefs had been running into what I’d found to be true while working with my dad and his mental performance tools a good decade earlier.

I had experienced and helped others to experience that the Mind is a really powerful goal-seeking/achieving tool/mechanism. 

All it needs is a worthy goal and regular attention, and it will help you navigate a challenge, create a solution, etc. (until you interrupt it with another goal)

If you don’t give it its goal, then it focuses on the default life imperative: 
Survival at any cost.



That might feel like a trick question, especially if your nervous system has been hijacked by fear.
Those executive functions are the first to go offline when you’re terrified.

Some people are doing this naturally right now: 

☑️ read that book that’s been sitting on the nightstand

☑️ write that book that’s been nagging you for years

☑️ clean the house from top to bottom

☑️ tackle the stack of paperwork that needs to be filed

☑️ other: ________________________________

For those of you who feel paralyzed, frantic, or like you’re totally losing it, despite trying to make yourself busy with other goals, try this:

❤️ Take a deep breath. And then another. And then another. And repeat.

❤️ When your mind starts throwing all of those terrifying thoughts at you, say, 

“You know… I’ve been thinking…
I’ve got a MISSION for us to work on together. 
I’d like YOU to help ME gather all of the EVIDENCE from the past that 
I am strong, resilient, powerful, safe, supported, and loved. 
Remind me of everything I have overcome and survived. 
Remind me of who I have become as a result of it. 
Remind me of all the lessons I’ve learned.
I’d like YOU to help ME gather all of the EVIDENCE that 
humanity has not only survived some tough sh*t before; 
but that we might even have adapted, evolved, and 
become better, stronger, or more whole as a result of it.”

❤️ If you have the time, take out a piece of paper or journal, and start writing everything your Mind starts finding for you. 
The longer the list, the better. 

❤️ Pay attention to how your body starts to feel as you remember all of the good stuff. When you feel the energy shift, thank your Mind for helping you shift your energy into a more powerful state… back to who you really are.

❤️ Regularly pause throughout the day — maybe even set a timer — and make sure your Mind is still on the Mission you’ve given it. If it is, thank it! If it’s gone rogue, repeat the steps above to coax it back into cooperation.

Lots of love to all of you today.

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