From F-U to Breakthrough

Craft a Better Story Loop

We dream of becoming game-changing heroes and heroines
in our homes, offices, communities, and countries.

We’ve acquired and honed unique superpowers to stop the villains
and make the world a better, safer place for all.

We realize we are surrounded by allies and mentors
who would immediately rally to a collective cause.

And yet...

We hesitate. We doubt. We procrastinate.

We say YES when we should say NO, and NO when we should say YES.

We knock our heads against our desk as we face
the same plot twist and characters over and over.

We wonder if we will ever do the things we know we are here to do
in our homes, offices, communities, and countries.

Why, after all of this personal development and energy work,
are we still facing the same damn STORY LOOP?

After 10 years of helping people share their stories on pages and stages,
I have finally found a simple, profound way to explain the journey of
facing, understanding, shifting, and even healing an old story.

Join me for an experiential 2-hour workshop designed to help you:

  • discover a new, simple, and surprisingly powerful way to shift your story in just a few weeks
  • identify and more deeply understand your story loop and what is holding it in place
  • begin to gather and practice the tools and skills you need to break through it

It’s time to begin to change our storyline from
unheard, unseen, and unknown characters
to inspired, intentional, and influential heroes and heroines…

It’s time to LIVE THE STORY we know we are here to live and love.

Saturday, June 24 + 25, 2022
@ 1 pm 3 pm PST

Your Investment: $49

Location: Zoom [You will receive the Zoom Invitation when you register!]


  • 2 Hours of Experiential Work and Coaching — You will be making massive progress quickly!
  • Special Surprise Bonuses — to Help You Continue Shifting that Story!

This workshop works best with no more than 20 aspiring messengers,
so if you feel the tug, grab your seat

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