Feeling hedged in by your title or revenue model?

“You’re not a f****ng book coach!” Her voice was shrill with frustration.

I almost spit the coffee out of my mouth. This lady hardly ever raises her voice or curses, and yet this topic warranted both.

While I listened to her share who she has experienced me to be, in her life and others’, I mentally noted the dozens of recent moments when I’d also become frustrated when referred to as [or, more accurately, constrained to the title] of book coach.

Not because I don’t help people with books, but because that’s a very small aspect of what I do and it’s somehow becoming more important to be fully seen, heard, and known.

Can you relate?

I know it’s not just me going through this type of uncomfortable, upsetting metamorphosis.

In just the last 3 weeks, I’ve have had dozens of conversations with other messengers and entrepreneurs who are voicing the need [and struggle] to break out of the titles and revenue models they have built because they feel like important parts of their story, expertise, and sources of joy are unacceptably left out.

For those of you growing a message-driven business,
this can be a messy and ever-evolving conversation.

As I am finishing my book Upside-Down Messenger, I am reminded of how many coaches told me, “Market yourself as a book coach. That’s what they think they want/need, and then when they get to you, give them everything you got.”

That approach worked for me for years
until it didn’t anymore.

Something about the strategy started to feel wrong, PLUS I was uncovering a deeper understanding of the depth of my work. When so many clients are healing huge stories and changing their lives, it’s hard to not shout that from the rooftop—not to pat myself on the back, but to help aspiring messengers understand the inspiration to write a book may be an invitation to more than that.

Again, it’s an evolution, but I am grateful that I developed a solid framework at the beginning and can see how each new [r]evolution allows me to dig deeper rather than go wider and have to rework, revise, and rewrite my brand.However, this conversation is up for a reason, so I decided it is time to get really clear with myself about the extent of my superpowers and the multiple roles I play with my clients… and then clear it up for others… especially before I roll out this book and the next iteration of True to Intention.

So, here goes… 

In addition to gaining a few important lessons about messaging
consider this a model of how you might be able to dig for your own
There’s an exercise at the end.

Most people find me because they want to write a book that will change the world, and I coach them through the process.

However, by the time we are done with their book, they introduce me to their friends like this: “Meet Amanda. She’s my…” With wide eyes, they look at me to finish their sentence.


Because by the time we’re done working on the book, I’ve played the following parts in their story:

#1 Brand Strategist | Message Oracle: Most new messengers need help uncovering their core message, and then structuring it into a brand that will hold their entire expertise. They intuitively know it’s not a good idea to start with a project that is so niched into one of the many arenas in which they have expertise, but they don’t know how to see the brand and message from 30,000 feet.

What do you do if you have stories that could help multiple audiences? Or what if you need to reach multiple audiences with the same message and get them working together on a bigger mission?

Without this framework, messengers quickly become exhausted, writing and rewriting, developing way too many presentations and programs that don’t excite them or engage their audience, and confusing that audience with ever-changing titles and topics.

What if, as you grew over time, you got to dig deeper into the framework and make it richer, instead of constantly creating “the next”?

#2 Writing Coach: “Send me your sh*tty rough draft” is an incredibly scary thing to hear for every new messenger; but once they see what I can do with it in thirty minutes and then HOW I did it, they get very excited about how quickly they could create really powerful content. Plus, their writing skills improve dramatically. Yay! Goodbye, scary editing bill and hello, deeper engagement of audience in all future writing!

#3 Mindful Messenger Guide | Story-Healing Witness: I didn’t know until my first program, and especially that first retreat, that I was going to be witnessing people heal their stories while they wrote their book. As they write, they have to face old [and current] fears, villains, and beliefs that have repeatedly sabotaged their dreams. One of my roles is to help them make these connections and then stand witness to the healing work they do to rewrite a truer story and rewire their minds and bodies to live in the new one. This work has grown even more powerful since I became an Innerlight Practitioner last year, expanding into its own story-healing framework called From Character to Co-Author.

#4 Visual Brand Consultant: Until you know your core message, it’s tough to choose the images, colors, and even fonts that will capture and convey it to your audience on the book cover, business cards, flyers, website, PowerPoint presentations, and all of the other materials you create. There is usually an evolution of elements over time, but it’s much better to create something that connects with your audience and is deeply aligned with your true intention in the beginning.

#5 Signature Talk Developer: It doesn’t matter how awesome the message is, if it’s not delivered intentionally, the audience will miss out. They’ll either be overwhelmed with information that is challenging to connect to their own lives, or they will be inspired but left without practical tools to effect the same type of change in their own lives. There is a way to be memorable AND communicate integrity and alignment between the page and the stage.

#6 Course | Curriculum | Event Designer: Most of my clients want to partner with others to create real long-term change in their lives and businesses. In order to do that, they will need to design the experience intentionally—delivering the right amount of content, in the right order, at the right times. With this approach, they can ensure more engagement and results for their clients and audiences.

#7 Revenue Model Schemer: Most messengers want to spend all of their time taking their message to the world, which means they have to figure out how to monetize their message effectively. No, I’m not talking about using a million-dollar-formula; I’m talking about creating programs and experiences that make you eager to get out of bed and get to work every day and deliver REAL RESULTS to your clients.

And here’s the one that is emerging now…

#8 Story Junkie: MY LOVE FOR STORY and ITS REVELATORY HEALING POWER deepens with every amazing tv series, movie, and song that crosses my path. As I shared my AHAs and OH YEAHs with those closest to me this past year, they asked me to create an experience or program to help them work through the concepts via immersions into these stories. Hello, dream work! And really… juicy… content and experiences!

So that’s coming too.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, if you’re feeling upset and constrained to titles and models that aren’t working for you anymore, then maybe it’s time to take an inventory like the one above.

Listen to what your clients and friends are telling you. 

  • What are they getting out of their experience with you that isn’t showing up in your brand and messaging? 


  • Like me, you’ll probably have places where they are pointing you in a direction, and then it’s your job to dive deep and ask some questions: “Is this really what I’m doing? Is this really what I WANT TO BE doing? Are any of these roles wanting to be left behind? Are there any that want to come forward?”


And if you’re struggling with the process, try giving each of your superpowers an actual role and name. Once you have their role and name, talk about WHY they are important to your message, brand, and/or business story.

And as always, I’d LOVE to hear what you think about this and especially any AHAs or OH YEAHs that happen for you.

Oh, and hey

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