Dawn Bennett

We need healthy touch to thrive individually and communally,
but it’s not simple in a culture where many have suffered
from unhealthy touch and the topic of touch itself has
become confusing and even taboo.

Having grown up in an era when it was okay to give hugs to teachers and where touch warnings were only about getting into trouble sexually, Dawn Bennett intuitively knew the healing power of touch and pursued a career in massage and the healing arts. After eleven years of serving touch-deprived and -traumatized clients, and building an award-winning practice in a touch-focused industry, Dawn suffered a painful touch incident of her own.

In The Touch Crisis, Dawn shares her personal journey to healing, the startling research she found along the way, and the abundant tools she has collected to give readers a new pathway to personal and collective healing in their families, workplaces, and communities.

By the end of this book, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Uncover the roots of your touch experience and needs
  • Strategize to add healthy touch into your daily life
  • Develop boundaries to honor your wants and needs
    and help you heal old touch wounds
  • Practice consent and communication with loved ones
    in a playful and positive way
  • Increase levels of trust, collaboration, and even productivity in your personal and professional relationships

If you are craving healthy touch, or looking for “that missing piece” in your attempt to improve relationships and results with your loved ones, peers, or clients, this book will answer questions you don’t know you have and empower you to catalyze deeper connections with everyone whose life you touch.

“No Touch” policies are not the answer.
Together, we can use the power of touch to heal
and change the experience from taboo to transformational.


"When I finally decided to write a book, after years of being prompted, the first thing I did was to search for someone to coach me through the process and help me get my message across well the first time.  So many professionals told me "just write it and then send it to me and I'll edit it/send you suggestions to change. If I had followed that advice, I never would have written my book. I never would have opened myself to the experiences that were necessary to finish my growth and healing process.

When I found Amanda through my former business coach, I was desperate for someone to keep me on track, to make sure that my voice was heard clearly, and to ensure I wouldn't write something that was so awful that I'd have to start all over again.

In fact, I am clear that if I hadn't signed up for the dark chocolate program, not only would my book not have been written, but I would not have developed such strong and powerful presentations and curriculum. I would not have gained best-seller status on Amazon, nor would I have found a way to monetize my message in a way that is powerful for others and THEIR healing process.

The process of writing was full of emotion from tears of frustration to tears of joy; from laughter to anger; from playfulness to straight-up stubbornness.  Amanda witnessed it all with compassion and understanding, and allowed me the space to move through it so my story could inspire others to change their own lives.

She is worth every penny + more. Her strong and gentle personality helped me become a spark of change so I can help others deepen their connection to self, others, and community.

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