David Karchere

As the human race faces the opportunities and perils of the 21st century, including financial crisis, terrorism, and a recently tripled population, there is a simple awareness surfacing within humanity as a whole: Collective human consciousness has the power of creation within it, for better or for worse, and every individual has an opportunity to contribute to the evolution and healing of humanity and our planet. The question is: How?

After more than four decades of working on the front lines of conscious evolution, gifted speaker, workshop facilitator, and international spiritual leader David Karchere’s answer is:

“Become a sun. The world needs your warmth, your light, your gravity…
It’s who you already are on the inside, and
everything in your life is conspiring for you to bring it forth.”

In Becoming a Sun, David beautifully and masterfully facilitates the experience of personal evolution – sharing stories, insights, and strategies to make the journey easier, including:

  • The Key to Spiritual and Emotional Mastery
  • The Reality of Enlightenment
  • The Radical Approach to Owning Your Power as a Creator Being
  • The Source of the Courage to Think, to Act, and to Be Yourself
  • The Root of All Real Happiness and Fulfillment

Becoming a Sun is a journey of awakening through story, poetry, and prose – a deeply reassuring initiation into the wonder of the human destiny and the creative process that guides us all.

Are you ready to become a sun AND deeply enjoy the journey that is your life?

David'sBook copy

“Insightful! Knowledgeable! Creative! Encouraging! Bottom line, Amanda is a great writer’s coach. She helped me greatly with the manuscript of my first book. In a very good way, she was tough on me, pushing me beyond comfortable boundaries. Yet she did it in a way that built my abilities as a writer. And in a way that encouraged me to share more of who I am in the book.

After I completed the manuscript, Amanda prepared a package for the preeminent agent in my category at Waterside Productions. The package was professional and it opened a window to the heart of what the book was all about. The agent embraced the book based on Amanda’s work.

I’m grateful to have found someone so capable to assist me to bring my writing to the world.”

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