Dare to Dream – Secret #2

“So, where are the children’s books?”

“Ummm… well, the idea for those books moved me in the direction of the dream that The Wind was ready to unfold for me. I realized, as soon I stepped into the Secret Teacher’s community, that I had a lot of internal work and healing to do before I could manifest and hold my dream. I had to learn how to give myself what I was giving my son. I had to remove my own limits.”

“And it’s clear that you’ve done that. Congratulations…and where are the children’s books? I need them. I’ve got a little one that I don’t want to limit, and I need your help.” My heart constricted when I heard the desperation in their voice.

Hmmmm… So, that’s the TENTH person to say that since the Dare to Dream Event. Okay, I’m listening. Do I complete those books first? That has always been one of my deepest passions – helping parents raise limitless children and remove their own limits in the process. But it’s not where I was planning to spend my writing time…?


So, you say YES to a dream and YES to expanding it way beyond what you know you can do on your own. How do you know you’re on the right track?

You have to AFFIRM THE DREAM, and this happens in several ways…

#1 – You know you’re on the right track when the dream has ALWAYS been your dream in some way. Looking at my own life and my authors’ journeys, it’s pretty clear that WE WERE MADE FOR THIS. Our true intention and message has always been within us. We’ve always wanted to help people, and we have been helping people with our messages, and now we see that The Wind’s dream is to make it possible for us to reach even more people with a message that could forever change their lives. What’s funny is that I could get caught up in the surface conversation. No, I’ve never wanted to be on stage in front of a lot of people. But the truth is that I’ve always wanted to inspire people to dare to dream that they are meant for more. All of my family members, friends, and prior employers in the room that night attested to that. And now, because I said YES to that dream and took the steps, I now am being circled back to my original intention to support parents and children.

#2 – You know you’re on the right track when people, situations, and opportunities show up to affirm and hone your direction. (I’m not talking about the people who tell you you’re crazy and shouldn’t go after the dream.) And I’m also not saying you are supposed to allow people’s thoughts to dictate what you do, when you do it, and how you do it.

What I am saying is…

  • The Wind shows up in the flesh to affirm your dream in some way – or to hone the direction of it. The Secret Teacher showed up to affirm that I was meant to play bigger than I had ever dreamed, but it was clear I had to do some other work before I could help parents the way I wanted to. That process unfolded into True to Intention, a company that helps aspiring authors and speakers clarify, develop, and make their messages POWERFUL, as well as helps the authors/speakers remove the limits that have kept them from achieving their dream. It’s the same message and intention, achieved differently.

And now, I have people who heard me speak at my event asking me to write these books. They are now affirming that THAT message is still important. Hmmm…

  • It’s your job to listen to what they are saying (and not saying) and ASK yourself what it is about what they are saying that resonates with you. What’s interesting is that I have been watching my authors’ families work too hard to wrap themselves around my authors’ new dream and fast manifestation. And my heart has been telling me since the end of last year that I need to incorporate the families into the work that I’m doing. Somehow, I need to get them involved and excited…and maybe even clear about and moving toward their own dreams. Juicy, eh? So, the feedback from the audience is affirming that I’m going in the right direction with that AND that it may be time for me to write these books. Yes? =)

Your market will show up and start asking for you to write the book, start the business, or support them in the way you’ve been dreaming you would. What’s fun is that they’ve probably been there for awhile, and you just didn’t see them.


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