Daniela Bumann

At the top of your game and ready to lose it all...​

William Smith, top executive at a prestigious Fortune 500 company, looks like he has it all figured out and all under control. His boss thinks he is brilliant, his team respects him, and he loves his work. A lifelong high-performer, he barely noticed the long hours and ever-increasing responsibilities until his wife threatened divorce, his son stopped talking to him, and his previously-resilient body was over-whelmed by unmanageable headaches, anxiety, and exhaustion.

Is it even possible to be a high-performer
and live without this type of pain?

High-Performance Without Pain follows William from the moment he reached out for help to the moment he reclaimed his vibrant life with the support of Daniela Bumann, a performance coach known by her clients as The Liberator. Infused with eye-opening insights and strategically practical tools, this book will help you understand and integrate The 7 Mindfulness Habits that will empower you to:

•    rewrite your “high-performer pain” stories
•    recreate healthy boundaries between work and life
•    reduce your anxiety, depression, and exhaustion
•    realign with your values and create congruence
•    return your clarity, focus, and optimism
•    reclaim a sense of self-direction and flow
•    repair your challenged relationships

If you are ready to become the captain of your own ship, this book will show you exactly how to do it.

You can experience authentic success and fulfillment.
All you need are some new habits.

“I was deeply moved and inspired to write this book when I realized that my personal and professional life, as a Life and Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Trainer, culminated with the 7-Step Habits (which later became the 7-Step Blueprint) consistently yielding game-changing breakthroughs for my clients where none seemed possible before. This was facilitating an inner transformation that positively pivoted the quality and efficiency from which they lead their relationships, work, and life, making it possible for them to create and achieve a truly wholesome success from the inside-out. At that stage, the heart-felt intention and purpose of this book became unmistakable, and its call to write was at hand. 

Even though I felt pretty directed and was clear about the “what” I was called to share in the teaching and in story, the “how” was not nearly as apparent. Well, that is where Amanda swept in to save the day. In short order, her powerful Message Matrix structure laid the groundwork for the book. I'm so glad I worked with her because with her “know-how” and my passion for my work providing the absolute best framework possible for the reader, we became a force to be reckoned with. 

The best part was that being a high-performer, I thoroughly enjoyed working with another high-performer and her great team, that is not only responsive and accountable but also appreciated the value of time. Amanda is much more than an editor. She is a message coach and true to intention; and when partnered with yours, nothing is impossible. I look forward to future projects with her, as they make themselves known.

From my heart, I want to thank you, Alyssa, your editor, and whoever else contributed to these creations once again. I so much enjoy working with a team that has the high-performer vein running through it, as so much just doesn't need to be explained! I think our teamwork is just getting better with each project. Even when there were some hiccups in midst of our high-performer lives, our collaboration and commitment saved the day!”

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