Closing the Loop on a Looping St*ry

“Oh man! How did I miss that?” I put the tv remote down a little too hard for dramatic effect. “There were a whole bunch of foreshadows, and I still missed it! My story-ometer is off. Must be the gross amounts of sugar…”

They both laughed at my dramatic display and the well-practiced eye-roll that went with it.

It was Christmas night, and we had just finished a Hallmark Christmas movie—and I hadn’t seen the ending coming.

I can predict most endings, especially those of movies like this one which “is obviously so formulaic,” as my also-a-story-junkie son would say.

It’s not a special superpower by any means. In fact, I believe we all have the patterns of story and archetypes written in our DNA. It’s the way we have explained our existence and shared wisdom for millennia.

That’s why I actually love being surprised during and especially at the end of a movie or book—it means that someone was thinking while they were writing it.[You know, if it doesn’t mean that I was numbed to the foreshadows by my new favorite s’mores and peppermint quinoa bark from Whole Foods.]

My son and I have almost created a game out of figuring out the ending.

“Oh, the perfect ending to this would be…”

“No, I bet she’s going to…”

“Oooooh, maybe this is a setup of the next season/sequel, 
and they’ll cliff-hang us with…”

You know. The story loop ending. 

That moment, where the hero is somehow back at the beginning of the story, but as a more fully-developed character.

It’s Frodo, back in The Shire, 
finishing the book that his uncle was writing 
at the beginning of the story.
It’s Harry, facing off with Voldemort—
giving himself up for his friends 
the way his mom sacrificed herself for him at the beginning.
It’s P.T. Barnum, singing, “It’s everything you ever want. 
It’s everything you ever need. And it’s here right in front of you…” 
the same way he did in the opening scene while staring into the clothing store. 
Except this time, he’s not trying to sell an audience, 
he’s affirming what he’s learned as a result of almost losing everything,

It’s the close of the story loop.

It’s how we know it’s complete—or we’re at least getting close.

My own personal story loop ending has been surprising and hilarious over the last few months, starting with the fact that it’s theme has been “The Middle.” Ha! The universe has a sense of humor, people!

If you read the introduction of Upside-Down Messenger, you’ll see that I had to create a fair warning about the messy middle of the book and the journey that most of us have to take to get where we want to go.


If you read the epilogue, you’ll see that right after I wrote Upside-Down Mommy and took the epic magic messenger ride of the century, I walked into the middle of a labyrinth, sat down, closed my eyes, and asked for the next vision only to walk out of the middle into what looked to be a life and business burning to the ground.
If you’ve seen this piece of art, you’ve witnessed one of the ways I processed the final stages of the messy middle as I was putting the final touches on the book and healing the remnants of this st*ry.
If you were to step into my office, you would see this blanket on my wall because this time, when I asked what to put up where I normally put my vision board, the message was, “You’re in the middle. Vision is the way you used to do magic—but it’s not the way now.”
If you were to drive into the community where I am now living, after the less-than-two-week-notice, Wizard-of-Oz-tornado-like move this last month, you would see the words “The Meridian.” For kicks and giggles, click HERE and read all the way down, and then try to tell me the universe isn’t setting me up with a major smirk on its face. Ha!


Oh, and then these cards I bought for Christmas have a compass-like design on them with a red middle that looks a lot like… that art project… the middle?  

Of course the first one I pulled was “The Staff.” In the first paragraph of its explanation, it says, “The staff helps you find the right course of action, the ‘way of the middle,’ and aids you to maintain your balance.”
This writer would have to spend a lot of time developing a st*ry-ending loop this clear, profound, and magical. But my Co-Author seems to design them with grace and humor.

These are just a few highlights of an incredibly rich story, which I will tell in my next book.

But first…

I have to tell you the truth about this. 

This wasn’t just a small, insignificant chapter I finished. 

This was a more-than-three-decades-grooved-into-my-brain-nervous-system- relationships-and-life’s-work st*ry.

It was a major, life-defining st*ry matrix that had been slowly destroying my health, my relationships, my business, and my sanity. 

And my Co-author and I finally closed the loop and started a new chapter.

How did we do it?

Well, I had some unbelievable allies and a story-healing framework that emerged after years of helping people write and heal their st*ries.
As we head into the New Year, 
I’ve been inspired to share the story-healing framework 
with those of you who are ready and willing to do the work 
[it’s not for the faint of heart!
to heal that st*ry and write yourself into the next chapter of your life.

If you have a st*ry that is looping but not ending…
If you have the same horrible characters and plot twists 
recurring over and over…
If you are suffering spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically 
because of this storyline…

Please consider joining me for the next: 

21-Day Quest from Character to Co-Author

Click HERE to read a little more about the framework and some powerful testimonials from previous questers. 

 Oh, and there’s a New Years’ Special Price because I want you to end your 2019 the way I am ending my 2018—LOVING YOUR NEW CHAPTER—and I know this quest is a powerful opportunity to make that happen.

Ready to close that old loop and
write yourself into your next chapter?

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