Claudia Cooley

Professional Success, Life Enrichment, and Image Expert Claudia Cooley shares the insights, tools, and strategies she has used for three decades to transform Duds into Studs and empower them to achieve their goals with more ease and fun. With additional wisdom gathered from highly successful men across multiple industries, this book promises to give you what you need to accelerate your success and live a rich life.

In this seriously lighthearted book, Claudia will show you how to:

  • Create Your Own Definition of Success & Map the Journey to Your Mountain Top
  • Ignite Your Personality & Become the Leader that Others Want to Follow
  • Access Your Internal GPS to Stay on Course in Spite of Pot Holes and Other Challenges
  • Keep Your Engine Purring with Easy Strategies for Health and Wellness
  • Sweeten Your Ride’s Features to Make Memorable First Impressions
  • Leverage the Unwritten Rules of the Road in Business to Attract the
    People, Money, and Opportunities You Desire
  • Build Solid Relationships to Make the Journey Fulfilling
  • Leave a Legacy of Contribution and Enjoy the Ride

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal. Your mountain top is waiting for you!

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