This all started with an idea for a children’s book series. 

I had a clear message.
I knew the audience.
I wrote most of it.
I even had an illustrator.

But I couldn’t seem to finish the project, and it made no sense.

I know how to organize content.
I am a good writer.

It was a children’s book for heaven’s sake!

So, what was my issue?

Years later, I met Theddee Rheyshelle, a woman whose soul thinks and sings in rhymes.
She whips out most of her clever children’s books in no time at all, but not all of them.
And she held onto them for a decade or so before publishing.

Why are some easy and others “impossible”?
Why the delays on getting them into the world?

If you have a children’s book idea (or maybe even a whole series in mind),
but you can’t seem to start or finish it, you are going to love this portal.
(We call workshops portals around here because they transport participants into a truer story.)

June 13th
@ 10 am 12 pm PST

Your Investment: $50
Bring a Friend: $25

Location: Zoom [You will receive the Zoom Invitation when you register!]

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