[Without Sacrificing Your Sanity or Your Soul]

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We all have a message inside of us, but some of us organize paperwork, clean house, and eat pounds of chocolate instead of working on it. Those of us who do write tend to edit ourselves to death, wondering how to get the concepts and words right. Why do we do this, and how do we stop?

Join me to discover what it REALLY takes to sit one’s ass down and do this book thing well.

We’ll work together to…

  • Uncover the 3 items you must have before you get started, if you don’t want to lose time, energy, and possibly money
  • Practice the 2 skills you’re going to need to navigate the journey without losing your sanity or your soul
  • Adapt the approach I used to write my book in 3 weeks and launch it as a bestseller less than 2 months later

Let’s change your storyline from aspiring change agent to powerful messenger.

Friday, June 24 + 25, 2022
@ 9 am 11 am PST

Your Investment
: $49

Location: Zoom [You will receive the Zoom Invitation when you register!]


  • 2 Hours of Experiential Work and Coaching — You will be making massive progress quickly!
  • Special Surprise Bonuses — to Help You Maintain Your Momentum!

This workshop works best with no more than 20 aspiring messengers,
so if you feel the tug, grab your seat

Check Out What Participants are Saying About This Workshop

This two-day workshop is the sort of experience that changes you. It's a combination of so many things. Amanda's facilitation is warm and personal. Her content is on point and her prompts support getting to the heart of our messages. She offers practical advice I would not have considered before. Lastly, the people/peers who are attracted to this work are loving and dedicated. Overall, I recommend this workshop to anyone at any stage. It's a fulfilling experience.

~ Vanessa Cabrales

My spirit is continuing to soak in all the insights and beauty of this workshop. Everything about it was both brilliant and valuable. I laughed. I cried. I learned. I met amazing people who were all great teachers. I simply can’t say enough about what a fabulous experience it was. I deeply appreciate the generous gift of being able to learn from you. I am filled with abundant gratitude. And I thank you for your individual support and guidance at the conclusion. So appreciated.

~ Kristine Pappone

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