New Bio Therapy

(It has issues, doesn't it?)

How many times have you rewritten your bio—
a word here, a sentence there, maybe the whole thing… just one more time?

Do you rewrite it because it’s so fun,
or because it just doesn’t seem right or good enough?

Are you worried that it doesn’t really engage a reader—
tell the real story you want to communicate?

“It’s only 500 words—what’s my problem?”

This is the rhetorical self-flagellating question I hear from clients most often,
and my answer is always the same:

“This isn’t just a bio. This is a summary of your potential, your purpose, your power to change the world. It’s no small thing. And it’s actually harder to get that all into 500 words than it is to get it into a short story or a whole book.”

I’ve been helping clients write bios for almost fifteen years,
and I’ve seen and heard it all… over and over again.

The playing small and the well-intentioned fibs.
The millions of changes to words, phrases, and sentences.
The complete rewrites.
The self-image dissonance.
The intense identity crises.

And you know what?
It all makes sense to me.

Bios are like mini-memoirs...

How could you possibly get your whole life into 50, 150, or 500 words—
and yet do you really have enough to fill up a good bio?

Is it even possible to write a bio that is not dry and bland?

How do you choose which facts to include and leave out?

What is really going to engage the reader?

What st*ry is keeping you from getting it just right?

I want to help you put the bio down on the page,
and then put it down… as in, leave it alone…
because you feel good about it and because, let’s be honest,
you have other things you need to do.

Join us for a 90-minute mini-workshop (we call them portals!) and:

  • Figure out what’s really got you stuck with this bio writing
  • Identify and begin to heal the st*ry that’s stopping you
  • Breathe through any identity crisis with allies by your side
  • Write a bio you’re proud of—that achieves your true intention
  • Bring more of who you are to the page and to your life

Important Disclaimer: No one gets through a bio workshop without facing some sticky st*ry, so come ready to dig in to the real reasons you haven’t been able to finish this. I’ll be the guide and provide the allies. You bring the chocolate!

October 17 and 24, 2022
10 am - 12:00 pm PST

Value: $250
Your Investment: $50
Bring a Friend for $25 more!
for CocoonU Members

What Participants are Saying 


"Bio writing has been something I've always dreaded because the way I was taught to write a 'professional' bio, as basically a list of accomplishments and jobs written up as a narrative with a paragraph at the end where you talked about your 'life' outside of work. This never resonated for me. It also took literally hundreds of hours out of my life over the course of my career to write and update it along the way. All the while, I never really felt that it adequately captured my story or who I am at my core. Amanda's workshop helped me to understand that a bio is like a mini memoir, and that providing a fuller picture of who I am as a whole human being doesn't make it any less professional. Her practical, interactive approach made it easy to understand the different elements of a bio and provided us with time to work through each element so that by the end of the workshop we had a solid draft of a new, more complete bio. Amanda's facilitation style, her ability to hold space for people to dig deeper and identify the most pivotal moments in their lives, and her real-time editing skills allowed me walk away with two versions of a bio that are ready to use on my website and in my media kit. And it didn't take a lot of time out of my life! Also, as a bonus, I don't think I'll ever dread bio writing again!"


Founder, Roots in the Clouds
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