Write, Publish, and Make Your Book a Bestseller?

What if I told you I did it in less than three months?

This is insane, I thought to myself as I took one last deep breath and hit “Send” on the email that announced that I would be making my [yet-to-be-written] book Upside-Down Mommy an Amazon Bestseller less than 5 months later and celebrate it at a LIVE EVENT that weekend.

I knew it would be a tight timeline, but I had set aside the time to write and trusted that, somehow, it would all unfold the way it was supposed to.

Have you made a commitment to yourself or others to complete your book?
How did it make you feel to commit?

That week, a dear client whispered, “Amanda, I know you are very busy working on your book, but the doctors say I only have thirty days of lucidity left, and I need to get this book done. It’s my legacy, and I need your help.”

My team and I agreed to set all other projects aside including Upside-Down Mommy and completed Ruben’s book in record time. We had no regrets when Ruben passed a day after approving the final bit of content…

Have you put your book [message] aside to handle a challenging situation
that forced your priorities to shift?

When I finally looked up from his project and the grief of losing a mentor, it was mid-December… less than 3 months away from my launch date.

And now I’ve got Christmas to prepare for…

With some trepidation, I decided to stay in integrity with my priorities [family first!] – to focus on my family for two weeks and begin working on the book right after Christmas.

December 27, 2012, I sat down in a corner chair in my office and started to write according to my carefully constructed outline.

By mid-day, I was calling a friend for support after a walk through the labyrinth…

Have you begun writing, only to find yourself feeling lost and frustrated?

You can feel the power of your message,
but can’t seem to figure out how to get it on the paper powerfully?

Fortunately, I help people through the challenges that arise as they work on their books, and I knew what to do in that moment… and in all of the other moments when I “hit the wall” over the next few weeks.

Do you know how to get yourself back on track with the writing?

Less than 3 weeks later, the final draft of the book was in the hands of the people I chose to endorse my book. My team took over with the design, and the book was up on Amazon and ready for the bestseller campaign in another 4 weeks.

Do you know how to get a completed manuscript polished, designed, and published?

Do you know what it takes to get it to #1 on Amazon?


And then I celebrated BIG TIME at a LIVE 3-day Transformational Event! My family, team, friends, and clients came to celebrate the success of the campaign and even work on their own dreams.

It was an amazing, surreal, mind-blowing, DNA-changing experience…

Do you know the secret to manifesting and celebrating a dream this big?

I was overwhelmed with the desire to help other aspiring and struggling authors, speakers, and coaches get their messages on paper QUICKLY and POWERFULLY!


Here is a great place to start!

Ready to Discover the Butterfly Secrets
to Writing, Publishing, and Launching a Book Quickly and Powerfully?

That's why I created this 7-part audio series for YOU!

AND the people you know who have been talking about writing a book
or sharing a message as a Speaker or Coach!

How I Wrote, Published, and Made It a Bestseller...
In Less Than 3 Months

Over the course of the 7 calls, I share the 7-Step Butterfly Approach to Becoming a Mindful Messenger.

You’ll hear the insights, skills, tools, and strategies I used to do all of this in less than 3 months.

As you listen to my journey, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Stay Focused on Your Core Message
  • Transform Your Inspiration into Action
  • Identify and Overcome the Real Reasons You’re Stuck
  • Complete, Polish, Design, and Publish the Book
  • Market, Monetize, and Launch that Message Quickly and Powerfully

Each day, in addition to sharing about the step in the Butterfly Approach, and the tools I used on my journey, I invited some of the most powerful Messengers to come through my program to share what worked for them during the phase and the AHA, skill, strategy, or tool they got that allowed them to move more easily into the next one.

Some of the secrets that they share on this call series
could save you thousands of dollars on your journey to
becoming a successful author, speaker, or coach.

For that reason, I was told by many that I should be charging
at least $197 for this call series, but it's important to me that
YOU see what the whole journey looks like BEFORE YOU INVEST IN IT.

So, I'm giving away ALL OF THESE SECRETS for FR*EE!




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