Are you suffering from CONTENTstipation?

Warning: You may want to avoid drinking liquids, especially the hot ones, while reading this.


Okay, so a few weeks ago, a sister friend looked at my list of potential new taglines and sighed, “Ugh, this is so ‘old Amanda.’ Where is all the sass?”After several hours of rather vulgar brainstorming with family,  friends, and clients, the start of the new tagline emerged to answer the question of WHY True to Intention exists and the problem it solves: 

BecauseSt*ry Happens!”

It perfectly describes the journey I witness with all of my clients and experience myself…

  • Almost the minute someone is inspired to share a message, their limiting beliefs and st*ries about why they can’t or shouldn’t do it hit the fan.


  • When they finally start, and then have to answer the question “WHY do I care about this message?”, they slam into a pile of their old st*ries and pain.


  • As they go through the process, they usually have to face the reality that the st*ry they thought was over is still stinking up a corner of their life.


Anyway, since that moment, I have found myself in one giant poop joke.


In fact, when that same friend started pushing me about my next book and why it’s not flowing, I joked that I’ve been feeling CONTENTstipated.

So much information taken in, processed, and then… 
So many experiences and lessons learned, integrated, and then…

Well, you get the picture. 
[Sorry about the picture.]

And you know what? 

It hurts to have so much good stuff to share…and feel unable to get it out.

On Saturday, I facilitated a workshop with several amazing women who introduced themselves and shared that they have several book projects in the pipeline and don’t know where to start. I immediately recognized the frustration and pain on their faces.

So, what did I do? 

I went with the big poop joke to make them all laugh and then started talking about some of the Content Softeners that I use to get myself and my messengers back in the flow.

[I told you, there’s no end to this. In fact, I’m worried that some of you are going to get tired of the stinky aspect of this message and unsubscribe. But seriously, if you don’t think that everything comes back to poop, or that it’s not important, then check out THIS CLIP from one of my favorite shows for a good giggle.]

I thought I’d share a few tips here and then invite you to participate in some workshops designed to help you get that content flowing again if you’re really stuck…

#1 – Return to your WHY and the ESSENTIALS. 

Why do you care about this content? Who needs to hear, read, or experience it? How is it going to change their lives? How will you feel when it finally gets out there and does what you know it can do? Sometimes the simple act of reconnecting with the inspiration and vision is enough to loosen things up and get them moving.

#2 – Upgrade your structures and rituals. 

The creative process is chaotic by nature, and without some structures, it will drag you around endlessly or it just won’t start to flow in the first place. What rituals make you feel safe and keep you grounded? A schedule? Meditation? Yoga? Lunch with sister friends? Sometimes the rituals stop working, and that’s always an indication that it’s a time to upgrade to find a new tool, or process, or boundary to take you to the next level.

#3 – Reach out for support. 

Why are we always trying to do it alone? Well, I think the fact that our st*ries often smell like sh*t might have something to do with it. After all, we don’t invite people into the bathroom with us for a reason! However, when it comes to the process of getting content and stories onto paper, it’s just so much easier when you have a friend or mentor who has some real tools and skills to help you navigate the process. A guide will help you to sort through the st*ries and figure out which stuff needs to go, and what needs to stay, and what needs to be healed before it goes anywhere. And…the really good news is that we guides know the terrain and carry the clothespins, gloves, boots, and shovels necessary to make the most of any st*ry situation.

What do you think?
I’d LOVE to hear back from you…

– What’s your WHY? –
– Which structure needs an upgrade, and where will you start? –
– Who are you going to ask for support? –

If you’re looking for some real support with your content
[book, talk, course, marketing campaign],
check out the Move Your Message Forward workshops. 

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