Alyssa Noelle Coelho

Once Upon A Time...

There was a little girl whose beauty radiated with love for everything around her. She burned with a passion to learn, to experience everything, and to embrace it to its fullest and most infinite capacity. She craved life. She was special. She was important. She was connected. She was meant for something big. And she knew it. She was Chosen... for Love.

And Then... She Grew Up.

In CHOSEN, I have woven a collection of poems I wrote during my 8-year journey back to Love with narrative to encourage and empower other young women who feel confused, angry, and abandoned by Love, and who are trying desperately to find what their soul craves.

We lose Love. We lose Meaning.

We spend our whole lives trying to find Love again—in relationships, in dreams, in people, in goals, in experiences. We all get glimpses of it, and some of us get lost along the way, forgetting that the relationship, the dream, the experience, is just a taste of Love...not the whole thing. Yet, as we make our way back, we discover that while we were making choices for us, so was Love.


“Amanda's intuitive and seasoned experience in message coaching and book publication provided the smoothest, most supportive and most productive experience for this project of mine! I announced a one-year timeline and she provided consistent and diligent support through the entire process. So very grateful to have the connections and resources of her community. This divine experience was full of incredible opportunities.”

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