Ahmondra McClendon

Transformational speaker and coach Ahmondra McClendon understands what it means to be a woman in transition. Having walked the journeys of drug addiction, domestic violence, divorce, and grief, she knows what it’s like to feel isolated, confused, and overwhelmed – like the rug was suddenly pulled out from underneath.

In The Gift of Transitions: A Tribute to Women, Ahmondra has combined her story of triumph through transition, the real life stories of other women who have overcome unimaginable challenges, and her 7-Step Flight Plan for Life program to give you the inspiration, tools, and strategies to:

  • Uncover Your Buried Dreams and Passions
  • Understand and Shift Your Current Challenges
  • Clarify Your Priorities and Create Momentum Toward Your Goals
  • Prepare for Your Journey and Let Go of What Weighs You Down
  • Stay On-course in Spite of the Turbulence Transitions Bring
  • Transform Your Pain into Purpose

Soar to new heights and leave struggle, uncertainty, mediocrity, and chaos behind as you activate your divine imagination and embrace the true essence of Life’s Transitions.


“When I approached Amanda, all I knew was that I had an idea for a book. From the very beginning, she supported and guided me. Using her experience and creativity she helped me bring clarity to my ideas and give voice to my vision. Amanda was involved in every aspect of my project from content to branding, cover design, page layout, and editing. I always felt supported and encouraged, and never alone or neglected like so many authors who sign up with other companies.”

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