In one crystal clear moment...

I saw who I really am and why I am here.
I knew what I wanted to say and who I could help.
And, most importantly, I realized that I was made for this message...
Suddenly, every character and plot twist in my story made perfect sense.

I felt soul-level relief to see my purpose, and took immediate action toward it.
I outlined the books, hired an illustrator, and told everyone my intentions.
And, magically, I found myself surrounded by the perfect people, resources, and guidance that moved me forward with velocity.

And then I went upside-down

Unlike the caterpillar that quickly relaxes into the upside-down and builds the structure it needs to transform, I found myself resisting the process.

Where did my superpowers go? I’m a fraud!
Why am I acting like this? It’s so not like me!
Will I ever get this f-ng message out?

I had a solid outline for my message, but I still didn’t feel ready to put it on paper.

Who am I to write this book? I don’t have the credentials!
Why is it that whenever I work on it, the st*ry hits the fan in my life?
How could I possibly tell THAT story? Won’t that make them think less of me and my message?

What I really needed was the structure for total message and messenger transformation — I needed a Cocoon.



I needed the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical
safe spaces to hold me together while I faced my old stories.

I needed the friends and coaches who actively partnered with me to move my vision of my true self and my message forward.

I needed the expertise of master storytellers.

I needed to witness “the sacred” in my own story.

I needed to let my old ideas of myself dissolve, and reorganize all of my material to become more of who I really am, develop my wings, and take flight.


It wasn't enough to put the message into the world.

I needed to heal my stories and fully embody my message.

My commitment to becoming a Mindful Messenger paid off big time.

I not only uncovered my Sacred Code, I followed the inspiration and took action toward it.
I learned to relax into the upside-downs and let the natural processes unfold.
I created a solid cocoon and metamorphosed my story and my life.
I developed my wing strength and did things I had no idea I could do.
I learned to trust The Wind and allowed it to carry me to places I never imagined I could go.
I shared what I was learning with others and impacted their lives, loved ones, and clients in powerful ways.

When I finally wrote that book, it was a completely different book—a far more powerful book.

Instead of the typical, educational how-to book I'd imagined [come on, I was a trained teacher!], it was the book I wished I’d had several years before when I was so scared and isolated that the only safe place for me to work through that problem was a book.

And, I wrote it inside of 3 weeks because by that time, part of my Cocoon structure was a loving community and team to help me make sure it was true to my intention on every single level.

I’m grateful for every moment of the journey...
...and for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you.

True to Intention is where I utilize the power of story and writing to guide upside-down messengers and heroes along their journey of personal healing and transformation, so they can become uncompromising agents of change in their families, communities, and industries.

I’m glad you’re here.

It’s my pure honor and delight to offer the tools, skills, and insights I’ve acquired to make your journey simpler, probably a hell-of-a-lot-shorter, and even fun with intimate retreats, virtual coaching, and plenty of dark chocolate. 🙂

If your soul is urging you to get started, click on the button below to learn about all of the quests and programs available. On those pages, you will find links to my calendar to schedule a time to answer your questions and make sure that you've found the perfect opportunity to support you on your journey.

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My Butterfly Approach to Being a Mindful Messenger


Education and Experience

A bachelor’s degree in social science/secondary education from Biola University, a certificate from the reading- and writing-intensive Torrey Honors Institute liberal arts program, a teaching credential from Chapman University, four years of working for a professional writing instruction company, a certification for facilitating an emotional health and life skills program, and a certification in a powerful energy balancing modality for empathic intuitives have alchemized an extremely unique skill set that allows me to support messengers at all levels and add momentum to their journey.

Four years of getting my ass—I mean, huge persuasive papers!—handed to me in the reading- and writing-intensive Torrey Honors Institute developed the expertise required to quickly grasp messengers’ intentions and then organize their content ridiculously quickly.

Then there were the four years of education classes and a teaching credential program that showed me how to structure content to move an audience beyond basic knowledge and into a deeper experience of the message.  

The online writing instruction mentor teacher gig made it second nature for me to teach messengers how to write it powerfully and hone their basic writing skills for their current writing project and beyond... fast.

Three years in a training program that taught me how to facilitate emotional health and life skills in teens sharpened my communication and facilitation skills, so that messengers know they are understood and supported throughout their messenger journey and are able to confidently own and embody every bit of the intention that unfolds on paper and beyond.

Almost a decade of growing my own intention-based business through speaking and writing, and successfully launching masterminds, retreats, coaching, production programs, virtual workshops, and big LIVE events [on my own terms], makes it simple for me to help a messenger quickly develop a revenue model that maximizes their impact on their audience, brand, and bottom line WITHOUT sacrificing their health, sanity, or soul.

Finally, becoming a certified practitioner of The Innerlight Method expanded my intuitive faculties to support messengers as we clarify, brand, organize, and develop powerful content; but more importantly, it is accelerating the story-healing and writing processes of clients who have been stuck and/or split between moving their message forward and taking care of themselves.


Official Bio

Amanda Johnson helps aspiring and seasoned change agents write truer individual and collective stories. She partners with divinely-inspired souls to craft messages for maximum impact on their audience, their brand, and their bottom line… AND heal their st*ries and lives in the process, so they can change the world without compromising their health, sanity, or soul.

After years of engaging, clarifying, and helping others develop powerful messages [as a Student, a Teacher, and a Master Writing Coach], Amanda uncovered her own. The decision to share it with the world launched her on a journey of personal and professional transformation that quickly made her limited life unrecognizable.

Realizing how powerful a Message can be—not only for the audience, but for the Messenger—Amanda integrated everything she’d learned from some of the world’s most outstanding educators, powerful transformational coaches, and heart-centered business experts, and grew a powerful, profitable brand around her Butterfly Approach to Writing, Speaking, and Training in just a few short years. She has facilitated dozens of books from Inspiration to Impact, and several of those to Amazon Bestseller and award-winning status. She has also been blessed to co-generate paradigm-shifting, systemic-change-catalyzing curricula that are improving the lives of tens of thousands of teachers, parents, and children.

Five years after Amanda wrote, published, and launched her first book [Upside-Down Mommy] as an Amazon Bestseller in less than 3 months, she wrote [Upside-Down Messenger] to make The Messenger Matrix visible to messengers struggling to change the world on their own terms.

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