Abby Walker

There was only one problem with Abby’s good life –
it was slowly killing her.

Tired of quarter-assing her way through mundane roles at work and exhausting routines at home, uninspired by the corporate bullshit, and desperate to do something—anything—that made her feel alive, Abby Lou Walker was determined to keep living the good parts of her life AND satisfy her desire for something more.

Armed with a bit of curiosity,
some courage, and a love of high heels,
she strapped on a pair and set out on her quest.

What transpired was a hero’s journey of epic proportions—full of inspired steps and chance encounters that empowered her to launch her own company, trample internal demons, find joyful balance as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur, and ultimately hit her stride with the help of numerous allies who showed up along the way.

Strap On a Pair is her raw and humorous account of this adventure, written to inspire courage and curiosity in fellow middle-aged, middle-management, middle-class moms who crave something more.


“I thought I was going to leave the retreat with my book written because I was a good writer and I totally had my story down. Ummm...wrong! Ha ha! This experience was the safe space I needed to admit that I didn’t have my story or message totally 'baked' and to rework my approach to it. Amanda helped me retell my story, so that I could see common themes and emphasize the nuances that I may have missed (and did!).

I now know how to write to engage a reader and share a message. I know how to write in an authentic voice. I know how to tell a story. The best part about working with Amanda at the retreat was the immediate feedback: Write. Send. Revise. Write. Send. Revise. Repeat. Plus, there were so many personal a-has and breakthroughs that would NOT have occurred without this experience! I am now cranking on my book and so incredibly excited for the future. And I'm having fun! I 100% recommend this experience for ANYONE who is struggling to write a book or create a message AND to anyone who thinks they have their shit together...because without Amanda, you don't.” 

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