Parents, we are the ones with the most power to write a new story for our collective future
because we are the ones raising its future leaders.

It’s arguably our most important work in this lifetime.

We must find a way to cultivate character that isn’t easily tempted by obsessions for pleasure and power.

We must find a way to develop critical, contextual thinking that isn’t easily manipulated or devoid of compassion.

We must find a way to raise a generation that can thrive as individuals but chooses connection and collaboration as their pathway to success because they know how to think, feel, and communicate clearly.


When Aaron was little, I was physically ill and depressed.
I didn’t have the energy to be a happy, playful mommy.

All I could do most days was snuggle him on the couch and watch movies and cartoons… or nap while he did.

But because I had been classically trained in a Socratic honors program, and knew the power of messaging, story, and critical thinking, I was able to do something that I now realize is one of the most important things I have done as a parent:

I asked my son what he thought and felt about the stories and characters we were watching.
I asked him what he thought the writers were trying to tell us.
I asked questions that helped him become attuned to patterns in plotlines, heroes, and villains.
I asked him what he thought they could have done differently as
characters and writers to craft a better ending.


I got to know my kid’s thoughts, feelings, and dreams.
And he got to know mine.

I discovered ways to nurture his character and strengths.
And he was able to challenge and hone mine.

I was gifted with an opportunity to see stories through a clear, non-traumatized perspective.
And he was able to develop compassion for my old st*ries.

I was able to "get ahead" of his developmental stages and have uncomfortable but important conversations about friendship and redemption,
uncertainty and faith, sex and love, and power and leadership.


Last year, we were driving home from school when he told me that his science teacher had explained how technology might make it possible for his generation to “choose immortality.” When I asked him if he thought he would choose it, he quickly shook his head and replied, “Mom, what have we learned from all of the stories we’ve watched together? It’s not a good idea to work outside the laws of nature. There are cycles to life, and one of them is death. Haven’t all the stories we’ve seen proven that life is sweeter when we are aware that death is certain?”

Ummm... right. I was speechless for a moment, too.  

I played devil’s advocate, like I do, for a while. I offered up other possibilities that maybe nature is making it possible for us to evolve and… he wouldn’t have any of it. “No, Mom. I don’t want to mess with nature.”

I shook my head in awe.

To be so aware of such a powerful, timeless truth at sixteen.

How is that awareness going to impact every decision he makes about
work, relationships, and his contribution to the world?

It’s important to me that you understand that this is his belief that was formed through his mindful engagement with stories.

I didn’t have to be his teacher or tell him what I believe is the path of truth and morality.

I haven’t had to insist that he take care of his body because he’s seen what happens when people don’t.

I haven’t had to demand respect because he’s seen what happens to families in which respect and love are not at the core.

I haven’t had to contend with him about being responsible for his words and behaviors because he’s seen what happens to people of all ages who blame the world around them and do nothing to improve their situation.


As a parent and a trained educator, facilitator, and coach
I know that the keys to real learning are

I also know that STORY is the most powerful way to activate both of these keys with our children (and everyone at any age really).

Stories, with all of their plot twists, character dramas, and sensory details, engage us visually, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

They engage our WHOLE PERSON.

Trust me when I say that our conversations about news and politics today
is downright fascinating because of his awareness of all this.

Finally, the bonus is that we, as parents:

- get to know our children better and deepen our connection with them

- get to know ourselves better and challenge and heal our own “old st*ries”

- make a huge difference in our children’s lives and the future of our culture while laughing, giggling, and eating popcorn and licorice (and dark chocolate for Mom)


After that conversation about nature, and many others about news and politics with him this year, I realized that I had to share this powerful approach with other parents.

And then I had an idea.

Maybe he and I could collaborate and actually distill our years of story-work into a book that shows people what happens to a young mind and heart when it engages story mindfully and free of someone else’s agenda.

Welcome to

A Religion of Story

This book is a collaborative work with my seventeen-year-old son, Aaron.

You’ll witness the start of some of our most profound conversations around the stories we’ve engaged, and then you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your own thoughts and st*ries as you read both of our experiences working through these seven big life lessons.

Of course, our hope is that you will see how powerful this path of Story is, how it’s led both of us to mindfully develop our character and preserve our freedom, and how it might help you and your children to do the same.


We have two goals as we launch this book...


Of course, we want to get the book into the hands of every parent who is looking
for ways to deepen their connection with their children and tools to help them
develop character and life skills without being dogmatic about it.


But we also want to inspire, empower, and equip YOU to
become a more powerful storyteller in your own life and change agent in the world.

And... to achieve this intention:

We are going to ask you to buy 1, 5, 20, or 50 copies of the book.

What?!? So many? Why would you buy more than one? What would you do with so many books? I know this question well because my son blew my mind with his answer during my first book launch. You could give the books to:

- family and friends who are looking for ways to deepen their connection with their kids
- parents and educators looking for a powerful way to teach important life skills
- change-makers who are concerned about our collective future

And why would you go to all of that trouble?

Well… I am glad you asked!

When you purchase copies of A Religion of Story, you’ll receive at least DOUBLE, and in some cases more than QUADRUPLE, the value of the cost of your purchase with the best of what I can offer you— powerful experiential online workshops, discounted training and retreat opportunities, and even some special bonuses from my dearest mentor, friend, and client who helps people make more money and live blessed lives. And yes, Aaron will help me facilitate some of them.


There are lots of opportunities for everyone...

New Heroes, these programs will help you face, feel, and heal the st*ries that are stopping you from living your best life and become the Co-Author of a new, amazing story.

New Messengers, these programs will help you heal the st*ries that are sabotaging your efforts
to make a difference in this world finally get your unique message on pages and stages. 

Returning Hero Messengers, these programs will take the work we’ve already done together
to a whole new level of healing, awareness, and impact.

[For details on each experience included, see the bottom of this page.]

Whether you are a New Hero, New Messenger,
or Returning Hero Messenger
the steps to take are the same.

Step #1

Decide how deep into the Story and/or Messenger Matrix you want to dive.
[Check out the longer descriptions of the programs below.]

Step #2

Identify the number of books you will commit to purchasing in exchange
for the programs and level of support you want to experience.

Step #3

Fill out the form below with those details.

Step #4

Sign an agreement -- it will be sent to you! -- to participate in the program.

Step #5

Get all of the dates, times, and login information.

Step #6

Enjoy the journey with us!

Step #7

Pay for the books the day of the launch in 2021!
Don’t worry. We’ll send reminders!

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If you want to chat first, you can schedule here.

This way, we can all co-author new,
more exciting stories
I hope you’ll quest with us!


Descriptions of the Programs

New Heroes

Rewire Your Story [Dark] Matrix Program [In-Person + Virtual]: This program is actually a journey through story (many of them) to help you uncover stories that are sabotaging your efforts to move forward and rewire that story matrix that has you living in the same story loop over and over again. It’s the Saved by Story Club with LIVE community events and very intentional exercises designed to help you change your story at a cellular level.

Journey through A Religion of Story [Virtual Workshop Series]: In this 7-part experiential workshop series, Aaron and I will discuss the seven themes we are addressing in our upcoming book and give you a powerful opportunity to interact with this content before you begin to mindfully engage story with your own child/ren. We have designed these workshops to be insightful, productive, AND fun!

The 21-Day Quest: From Character to Co-Author [Online Program]: This 21-day quest is designed to help you uncover, understand, and unwind the old stories that sabotage your attempts to write and live your best story. If you’ve got recurring plot lines and villains popping up to challenge you every time you try to move forward, this program will help you begin to shift the story, twist the plot lines in your favor, handle those villains, and become the co-author and hero of your story. This program includes 6 hours of LIVE facilitated experiential workshops and daily prompts guide you from Character to Co-Author of your story.    

Flailing + Healing Through Fiction [In-Person + Virtual]: If you have been inspired to write a novel based on real events, designed to communicate a message and protect some of the characters in your real-life story, this program will support you through the process of writing and healing as you face all of those old characters and st*ries. There are three levels of support designed to meet you where you are at and provide exactly what you need to reach your goals.

Saved by Story Club [In-Person + Virtual]: It’s like a book club, but we will engage and discuss movies, tv shows, and other storytelling media with the intention of uncovering hidden treasures in the stories that will help us co-author better personal and collective stories in a community where we can experience deeper engagement, accountability, and healing. 

From F-U to Breakthrough: Craft a Better St*ry Loop [Online Workshop]: If you are tired of facing the same infuriating, exhausting characters and plot twists in your story over and over again, this workshop will help you understand WHY that story is on “repeat” and HOW you can stop looping and start co-writing a new one. It’s time to be the superheroes we know we are here to be, and manage the kryptonite for good.

New Messengers

Message Matrix Program [In-Person + Virtual]: This program includes the Mindful Messenger Journey Retreatcamp as homework, a 3-day OR 7-day retreat to clarify, brand, and structure your message, and one post-retreat coaching session. The 7-day option includes the opportunity to begin writing your first chapter[s] with my help.   

Your Sacred Contribution [Online Workshop] includes Change the World with Your Sacred Message and From F-U to Breakthrough and these two workshops…

The Down-and-Dirty Truth about Publishing + Monetizing Your Message: If you find yourself hesitating to complete your manuscript because you don’t know what comes next, this workshop will help you get your head around the most important details of publishing and marketing. We will talk about the 3 book and publishing myths; the 3 basic publishing routes available and their pros and cons; the clarity you need before you work with editors, designers, and publishers; and where to start with the marketing and sales of the book…and any other services.

Alchemize Your Story + Expertise [Online Workshop]: If you are struggling to figure out how to craft content [books, talks, and courses] that reaches the hearts and minds of your readers/audiences AND ignites transformation and action in and for them, this workshop will help you uncover: the two roles you must own in order to make your content powerful, the clarity you must have before you get to work, and exactly what makes a message powerful and memorable.

Mindful Messenger Journey Retreatcamp [Recorded Training]: These 5 training audios and assignments will help you see the Universal Messenger Blueprint and extract the information you need to begin to lay a solid foundation for your message. You will begin to clarify your core message and connect it with your purpose, learn how to develop powerful content, and sketch out preliminary plans for Marketing, Monetizing, Publishing, and Promoting your book, as well as navigating the transformational experience of the Mindful Messenger Journey.

Change the World with Your Sacred Message WITHOUT Compromising Your Sanity or Soul [Online Workshop]: If you’ve been unable to get started on that book, signature talk, or curriculum, this experiential workshop will help you get some of the clarity you need very quickly. Together, we uncover the 3 must-have’s to avoid losing tons of time, energy, and money; practice the 2 skills you need to navigate the journey without losing your sanity or your soul; and adapt the approach I used to write my first book in 3 weeks and launch it as a bestseller in less than 2 months.

Returning Hero Messengers

Curriculum / Facilitator Development: These services are customized to the need of each messenger, and are only available after they have completed a Message Matrix Retreat. We work together to craft curriculum that facilitates the results and transformation you know is possible for your clients. Whether it is a LIVE, Virtual, or a Hybrid program, we can design it to make sure that those who apply themselves succeed. Most importantly, you learn one of the most effective approaches to facilitating transformation in small and large groups—from event development and marketing, to creating the container and keeping it safe, to managing energy in the room and your own process, to creating an unforgettable and life-changing experience, and so much more.   

Speaker Development Services: These services are customized to the need of each messenger, and are only available after they have completed a Message Matrix Retreat. We work together to structure and develop a signature talk to engage the hearts, heads, and hands of the audience. We go beyond inspiring people to reach for their potential—we give them the models, maps, and means they need to transform their lives. And, most importantly to me, we do it in a way that is 100% true to YOU. Oh, and by the end of a presentation like this, you don’t have to sell from the stage—it’s as good as done. I also have a team that will design the presentation in PowerPoint to make sure it’s in alignment with your brand.

Book Production: These services are customized to the needs of each messenger. I have a team that I lead to deliver all levels of editing; the professional design of the cover and interior; a powerful back cover/marketing copy; the preparation of files for print on demand; the setting up of the title for print and e-book distribution on Amazon and Barnes & Noble; and even the development and polish of proposals for literary agents and publishers.

The Multiplier Program: You’ve got your message in a book, signature talk, or an awesome coaching program, but how do you get it out there in a way that is 100% you and free of all of the icky sticky formulas that you’ve been told you need to use to succeed? This program is customized to provide any or all of the following support on the journey from multiplying your message and creating more impact: building the container of your business from revenue model to offers to sales pages and more; developing an irresistible media kit; and creating your visual brand and online presence.

The Momentum Retreat [In-Person]: This is essentially 3 days of devotion to your message that will create surprising momentum with your content development. The blocked time will make it easier for you to tell your message to stop freaking out; the immediate feedback will keep you from getting stuck; and the group support and accountability will make it impossible to slow down.

The Greatest Messenger: Get ready to use the power of story to message, market, and mesmerize your audience without disempowering them.

Let’s change the world one message
and story at a time

A Religion of Story

launches November 22, 2021, BUT the retreats and programs are already filling up.

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