A "Meaning-Full" Break

It was almost a full day after my son had broken his wrist, and I was texting my girlfriend/business strategist the details of my experience in the ER…

walks into the room and says,
“I’m the one who gets to put it back together.”

And, without a machine to see what he was doing,
he snapped it back into place WITHIN ONE MILLIMETER!
Who are these guys? Sorcerers? Alchemists? Magicians?

Her text back to me made me smile and roll my eyes just a little…

No magic, Amanda.
Skill. Experience. Raw Talent.

Lots of schooling.
Faith bigger than fear that they can.

I didn’t text it, but what I thought was,
Well. Sure. But it was Magick to Me!

The next day, I jumped on a client call and asked the first question on my agenda, “So what did you think of that Introduction I pieced together for you?”

“OMG, I LOVE it, Amanda.” He paused for a moment, and when he started again, I could hear the tears streaming down his face. “Amanda, it’s MY story, and the way you put it together made ME cry.”

“Awwww… I’m so glad you’re happy with it.” I waited for him to continue.

“How long did it take you – to put that all together?” he asked, gathering his emotions.

“Oh, let’s see. A little less than an hour.”

“Wow. That’s amazing.”

He said AMAZING, but I heard the word from the text with my friend last night ECHOING through my mind: Magic.

And, lightning fast, all of the dots connected:

I was a Word Alchemist/Sorceresss/Magician for him,
the way the Doctor was a Bone Alchemist/Sorcerer/Magician to my son and me.

But she’s right. It’s not Magic. It’s Skill + Experience + Raw Talent + Lots of Schooling +
Faith Bigger than Fear that I Can.

And it got me thinking…


  • How many of us MessagePreneurs have absolutely NO CLUE how big of an impact we make in people’s lives every day – through our writing, speaking, coaching, etc?


  • How many of us MessagePreneurs discount the Magic that we bring to other people’s lives with our raw talent, which has been honed by well-earned skills, experience, and the faith to keep showing up?


  • How many of us MessagePreneurs forget that the “Magic” that is so natural and easy for us is part of the value people are paying for when they work with us? And, as my coach is always reminding me, are we charging for the Magic?


  • How many of us MessagePreneurs need to take a moment, look in the mirror, and bow to the Alchemist/Sorcerer/Magician within, and feel the deep gratitude for every step (and misstep) that helped us develop that Magic?


Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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