Are you an Upside-Down Messenger?

an aspiring author, speaker, coach, or entrepreneur who knows you're called to share a message with the world, but feels frustrated, confused, or stuck

You're inspired to share a message on pages and stages, but have no idea how or where to start.

If you are ready to dive in...


The Message Matrix Program

[Dark Chocolate]

Devote 12 months to actualizing a “true to you” foundation for your message-driven business with a customized message matrix, book, signature talk, revenue model, curriculum, and launch materials with the partnership of a guide and amazing allies.

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The Message Matrix Program

[Milk Chocolate]

Dedicate 6 months to creating a “true to you” foundation for your message-driven business and ONE of these life-changing products: book, signature talk, curriculum.


The Message Matrix Program

[White Chocolate]

Spend 3 months jumpstarting a “true to you” foundation for your message-driven business with a customized message matrix and do-it-yourself outlines for all of your projects.

If you prefer to wade in...


Your Sacred Contribution

In two days, you will develop the clarity, capacity, and community you need to create message magic and momentum.

(This workshop is a deeper dive into the content of the four online workshops: Change the World, Alchemize Your Story + Expertise, Down + Dirty Truth, and From F-U to Breakthrough.)


Supercharge Your Presentation

Increase your impact on your audience and your bottom line from the stage WITHOUT feeling slimy.


Give Your Message Wings

This pre-recorded training will help you more deeply understand and prepare for the messenger journey.

If you want to dip your toes in...


Change the World with Your Sacred Message

[WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Sanity or Soul]

In this two-hour workshop, you will find out how you can avoid losing time, energy, and money; navigate the journey without losing your sanity or your soul; and adapt the approach I used to write, publish, and launch in less than 3 months.  


Alchemize Your Story + Expertise

In this two-hour workshop, you will begin to own the two roles you have when developing powerful content, discover the Message Must-Have's you need before you get to work, and find out exactly what makes a message powerful and memorable.  


The Down-and-Dirty Truth

In this two-hour workshop, we will dispel book myths that will slow your journey down and cost you too much; create a true-to-you plan that puts you in the driver's seat of the publishing process; and uncover new ways to monetize your message on your terms, your scale, and your time. 

If you've started developing content, but feel stuck…
Or maybe you've finished your first draft and don't know what to do next...
I customize all of my services to meet the unique needs of my clients,
so there are no "fixed programs" for the following services:

Manuscript Critique

You've finished your first draft, but have no idea how good it is or how to make it better.

I can read it and create a 2 - 3 page critique to show you what you did well and what needs work,
as well as provide guidance and models around how to make the changes on your own.

[Often times, the smallest adjustments make the biggest difference!]

Writing Coaching

You've got a solid message, brand, and outline but you're not writing.

I can provide accountability, as well as feedback on the content you're developing.

[You tell me what you need... nudges or solid kicks in the butt?]

Book Proposal Development

You've got an opportunity to pitch your book, but want to make sure that proposal is riveting.

I can help you pack it with enough power to capture their attention and keep it... until the last page.

[I LOVE helping mindful messages get attention!]

Book Production

You need help transforming your manuscript into a beautifully-designed book,
but don't know the first thing about publishing.

I can either act as a consultant and support you as you go navigate the process,
or you can leverage my entire team to make it happen.

[Either way, this guarantees a better product and more sanity through the process.]

Editing: Developmental + Content

You've got a finished manuscript and a plan for publishing,
but you want someone who cares to help you make sure the book is true to your intention.

We can edit it for power and flow,
and then make sure that all of your t's are crossed and i's are dotted.

[If you don't work with us, please make sure to find someone who cares about your message and audience.]

Signature Talk [Re]Design

You've been speaking a little here and there, but something isn't quite right.

You find yourself struggling to connect with your audience, or you're wandering through the content.

I can help you alchemize the story and expertise to maximize your flow and impact AND make sales easier.

[Can I get an AMEN?]

Course, Program, and Event Creation

You've got such great ideas for courses and events, it's almost too much.

And the question of how to bring it all together into an effective, profitable business keeps you up at night.

I can help you organize the flow of the programs,
and then craft them for maximum impact on your clients.

[What if you could do it strategically from the beginning,
and avoid backtracking, or burning it all down and starting over?]

Facilitator Training

You've been a speaker, teacher, or trainer and you know your content,
but you want to take people deeper and aren't sure how to do it responsibly.

[First, thank you for wanting to do it responsibly!]

I can help you uncover YOUR unique approach to facilitation,
strategize your mindfulness in your messy places,
and achieve a level of mastery where people cannot possibly leave unchanged.

[you know, unless they are dead set on that!]

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