From Character to Co-Author

July 8 - 28, 2022

[The journey required to break through that story matrix and live a truer one.]

I don’t know about you, but the last few years were full of plot twists that pretty much collapsed
my ordinary world and forced me to navigate experiences that were
completely unfamiliar, super scary, and just plain depressing.

I lost two very important characters in my story,
and faced the complexity of grief for the first time.

I created some mind-blowingly-powerful new programs,
but was unable to fill several of them again.

I had to reshape codependent relationship dynamics with characters that I love dearly,
which required me to wrestle with them and the possibility of losing them.

I put all of my chips inspiritually, emotionally, and financially
and waited a long time for the return on my faith and investments.

And I know I'm not the only one.

People watched their homes crumble in earthquakes,
burn to the ground in wildfires, or drown in hurricane waters.

People lost their jobs, ended marriages,
faced nightmare health issues, and mourned loved ones.

People were exposed to the reality of the darkest
intentions and activities that have been hiding in our culture. 

And that’s just what we saw and heard on the news.


But as I look back, I can't help but be proud.

The best of humanity showed up to rescue, soothe, and rebuild.

The best of humanity found their courage and spoke up.

The best of humanity took a shitty plot twist and decidedly chose to NOT let it define them.

I'm even proud of myself.

I saw beyond the plot twists and
dove into the stories that sabotaged my efforts to move forward.

I developed some Jedi-like skills
and used them diligently to light my path when it was dark.

I faced some of my biggest villains
and completely changed my relationship to them.

I enlisted several powerful allies
and reached out for help when I was lost.

I broke generational curses and spells
and created more possibility for me and those I love.

I never stopped offering the elixir I was born to acquire, alchemize, and share;
and I’m excited to witness others step into more powerful stories this year as a result.

My storyline has improved, my superpowers and band of allies have expanded,
and my faith in the Co-Author of my story has been deepened.


I want the same for YOU

Welcome to...

The 21-Day Quest:
From Character to Co-Author

[The journey required to break that story loop and craft a truer one.]


I’m not only going to expand on this new framework for Story-Shifting, I’m actually going to lead you through the process of beginning to shift a storyline [your choice] that’s not working for you anymore.

Every day for 21 days, your questshould you choose to accept itwill be to:

  • Watch a Video: In a short video, I’ll set you up for the daily quest with some conceptual development around its importance and a model from a big story that I shifted last year.

  • Write for 20 Minutes: You will set your timer and write for 20 minutes on the prompt I offer during the video.

  • Post Evidence Daily: To maximize your experience and results, you will be asked to post proof that you completed that part of your quest.

  • Multiply Your Results by Giving and Receiving: Share your AHAs, OH YEAHs, and HOLY SCHMOLEYs with the community as you complete the quest, AND witness and high-five others as they share their own.

Shift Your Story AND Change Our Story!

My dream for this program is that we will not only start to shift our individual stories, but begin to see the impact of those shifts in the bigger Collective Story that we all share spiritually, socially, politically, and economically.

I believe that all of those challenges require people like you and me to take personal responsibility for our individual stories AND our roles in the larger one. Together, we can be Co-Authors and Heroes of our own story, and create change on a larger scale with access to the energy that was being used to keep those old stories alive.

More about The Framework We'll Be Using

Week 1: Get Real with Your Character

This week is about getting real. Many of us have done so much personal development work that we live from our Narrator by default. Because we have developed the skills of “getting above the story” and “eliminating the charge of painful emotion,” we tend to try to choose the higher road, practice compassion for the other characters, and shift the storyline at the expense of our Character. Unfortunately, the power of the Narrator is to witness the characters and storylines, not shift them.

Week 2: Get Perspective from Your Narrator

This second week, we will bounce back up into the Narrator’s perspective and expose deeper connections and patterns that need to be witnessed for the shifting to begin. This is where it all really starts to make sense, and we reach deeper levels of understanding, compassion, and awe at the miracle of our story… and our power to co-author it.

Week 3: Get into Action with Your Co-Author

The final week is about intentional action. I’ll be sharing some specific story tools I use to get the Character, Narrator, and Co-Author working together to help you move from your Ordinary World into a new, more true-to-you version of it.


Are you ready to join these heroes and...

Quest From Character to Co-Author of Your One and Only Story?

This is my favorite work.

Yes, I love to help messengers write books, develop talks, and craft curriculum.

But the real moments of joy for me are the ones when I receive a note from a client that says,
“Holy moly! Have you seen how amazing my story is? You can’t make this stuff up!”

It works!

"As always, I was reviewing, analyzing, searching for what was blocking me.
I wasn’t sure what the quest was exactly, but I knew that if Amanda was facilitating it,
I would most likely benefit by participating. I was correct in my assumptions.
I liked the daily prompts, the ability to watch again if I needed to, and the pace was perfect for me based
on where I was in my own process. Supporting other people in the group kept me from over-thinking/reacting/focusing on myself. I’m re-energized and have more clarity.

The loss of hope that accompanies immobility has been replaced with
new hope and action plans. I have shifted from fantasy to reality.


"I set out on this quest with Amanda because I was ready to shift my old patterns of living in fear, people-pleasing, and not trusting my internal guidance.

This journey of self-discovery and transformation has brought me closer to the real me. I was able to discover how my actions impact the unfolding of my story. I now see how old patterns keep repeating In my life and how setting boundaries and following my internal compass is self-care, not being selfish. The writing, reflecting, and pausing brought so much clarity to my life. I can now use this framework with every new script emerging in my life.

Change really did happen in just 21 days. The amazing shifts that occurred are undeniable.

I’d recommend this to anyone who is ready to dive in deep and look at your shadows and cast light on them.
If you want to gain clarity on how our struggles have served a purpose in our life, this program is for you.
If you are ready to integrate all the parts of you and engage in a new way of relating to your
 internal guidance, then I recommend you begin this amazing journey with Amanda.
She knows exactly how to guide you toward the clarity you are seeking.

Lisa Gallo

"Working on healing my story of abuse and dealing with my narcissistic father over the past several years,
I was ready to take the next step in the healing process and change my story of “never being good enough.”

Using the tools Amanda shared with us, I was able to rewrite my story.
I gained a new level of inner courage and strength that empowered me to set new boundaries and follow through with them in a way I would never have imagined possible before this quest. I love that I am now able to recognize the manipulative behaviors before being sucked into the battle and have taken healing steps to avoid these confrontations.

This experience was an AMAZING adventure—one that allowed me to see what was possible and how to create that life and make it my reality. I loved the whole concept of being the author of my own story and that I get to decide how it is written. I loved the allies that I have met along this journey; by traversing this path together, we have had the opportunity to learn and grow and support each other along the way.

I would recommend this program to everyone who is ready to take a “deep dive” into their “story”— anyone who is ready to release the old story that is holding you back from becoming who you were intended to be. You can create a new, more empowering story where you pick up the pen and, with the tools, coaching, and community that Amanda has crafted, shape and build your own reality. You will be so glad you did."

Lori Giesey

"I signed up for this experience based on my intuition. I had attended a workshop with Amanda, in which my mind made a significant shift. It happened so quickly in that hour-long experience that I was intrigued by her method. I was curious and wanted more of those aha’s and mini-breakthroughs to happen. I had spent a year trying to process, uncover, and discover new things about a frustrating and painful story from my childhood so that I could move on. I knew there were even more important things still blocking my view, despite that I had done all of this internal personal work. 

In 21 days, less actually, I started to see things about the story that my mind just couldn’t see before. I began to make shifts around day 13. And on day 18 another piece of the story surfaced, and I started to feel complete again. I had a fuller understanding of why this story was affecting my life now.

I am glad I jumped into this experience because I was able to work on a painful but significant part of my personal story in a safe space surrounded by supportive people. It’s kind of strange to think that a group of strangers can come together and hold space for one another while you work on very personal and sometimes painful stuff in your life.

Because of this experience, I now can take this framework and prompts and apply them to other stories and see where the story takes me, and what new things I can learn about the characters in my life as well as myself."


"I said yes to the Quest because I knew something needed to change. I had no idea what needed to change or what was truly in front of me—a leap of faith, as it turned out to be.

This 21-day Quest was the ‘something’ that propelled me towards gaining insight, momentum, and a whole new understanding about the direction and depth of a message that had been stirring in my soul. Before the Quest, my message did not know how, or yet have the courage, to show itself—but now those doubts are now completely transformed!

The best part of the Quest for me was twofold:

1) better understating my message and myself with Amanda’s skilled guidance (you need this woman in your life!) and 2) connecting with others engaged in the Quest who I now proudly call my friends—dependable friends I have relied on long past our initial three weeks together.

This has been the real quest treasure, growing alongside brilliant souls who have traveled a similar path.

The work and legacy I have begun to create since completing the 21-day Quest is astounding.

The Quest itself is an opportunity for self-discovery and profits beyond measure. If you are stuck, or contemplating, or even know exactly where you are headed, this Quest is for you! It’s an invitation to walk out from the shady forest and into the waiting sun, where you will feel the warm embrace of morning’s first light saturate every cell of your body with energy and purpose and the knowing that the path forward is the right one.

Thank the universe I said yes to the Quest and allowed my story and message to finally show themselves.
I wish the same for you and the legacy inside your soul that is waiting to be shared.

Lori Rigwald, LCSW



How much would you pay to change your story forever?

This program shocks me every time I facilitate it.
More specifically, the results stun me.
Frustrated victims of fate become confident heroes and co-authors of their story.

Every time I finish a quest, I think:
This is why I’m here. How can I get this into the hands of everyone who needs it?

I wish I could gift it to everyone, and yet the truth is:
There are very few who will complete the quest and get everything they can get
without investing their precious resources of time and money.

That said, I’ve kept the cost as low as possible.
If you look at the testimonials above, you will see that the results are priceless.

And yes, payment plans are available.


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