Write, Publish, and Launch: ONLINE Workshop

Write, Publish, and Launch a Powerful Book FASTER
[Without Sacrificing Your Sanity or Your Soul]


We all have a book inside of us, but some of us organize paperwork, clean house, and eat pounds of chocolate instead of writing it. Those of us who do write tend to edit ourselves to death, wondering how to get the concepts and words right. Why do we do this, and how do we stop?

Join me to discover what it REALLY takes to sit one’s ass down
and do this book thing well.

We’ll work together to… 

– Uncover the 3 items you must have before you get started, if you don’t want to lose time, energy, and possibly money

– Practice the 2 skills you’re going to need to navigate the journey without losing your sanity or your soul

– Adapt the approach I used to write my book in 3 weeks and launch it as a bestseller less than 2 months later

Let’s change your storyline from aspiring author to powerful messenger.

“I came to this workshop to learn how to share my story through the process of writing a book.
Amanda’s experience, grace, and insight provided the perfect atmosphere to
comfortably and creatively find my inner voice and help launch me forward
by uncovering blocks that had been holding me back from writing.
The skills and tools she teaches in this workshop have profoundly changed
how I enter the space to write and how my story is shared.
Amanda guided me through some deep inner reflective questions
that not only awakened my spirit, but also provided healing and hope
to beautifully craft my story into a powerful message.”
Kim Reid

Important Details

Date: Friday, January 19th 
Time: 8:00 am – 10:00 am PST
Location: Zoom [You will receive the Zoom Invitation when you register!]
Investment: $49
  • 2 Hours of Experiential Work and Coaching You will be making massive progress quickly!
  • Special Surprise Bonuses to Help You Maintain Your Momentum!

This workshop works best with no more than 20 aspiring messengers,
so if you feel the tug, grab your seat!

Write, Publish, and Launch - January 2018

  • Price: $49.00
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“What I am taking away from those 2 hours is that I have a story to share,
if at the smallest level, for my son and daughter.
WOW! I did not see that coming before we started this session.
Amanda’s an incredible catalyst for waking up what is inherent in you,
so that you can take your message to the world.”

Nick Hemmert, The Center for Awesomeness