Write It & Heal It

“Why is this chapter taking me so long to get through? The first two were so much easier. And honestly, I can hardly find the time to write it, with all of the chaos suddenly occurring in my personal and professional life.”

True to her coaching style, she asked rather than answered, “What emotions come up when you sit down to write that chapter?”

“Confusion…anger…sadness…” the words flew out of her mouth and caught her by surprise as she heard them.

“And what emotions were you dealing with during the phase of your life that you’re writing about in the next chapter?”

Her eyes widened as everything fell into place. She whispered, “Confusion, anger, and sadness.”

“Yes, in order to write/speak the story powerfully – in the way that will fully engage and connect with your reader/audience – you have to revisit the experiences and all of the emotions to convey them accurately and powerfully. If there are any unhealed places in your story, they will reveal themselves as you write OR they will keep you from writing in the first place. Remember what happened when you started Chapter 2?”

Tears brimmed in her eyes as she realized how Life was orchestrating every circumstance to help her heal those old wounds and truly, deeply move forward with her own message. “Yes, I was faced with a situation that required that I practice the exact step I was writing about. I couldn’t write until I took the step.”

“Exactly. I believe that’s one of the reasons we are inspired to write books: They are for US first – to help us heal and rewrite our stories from lies to love. Only then can we facilitate that type of healing and transformation in our readers, audiences, and clients.”

“Wow. This is for me. My message really IS the answer.”

She smiled and wiped away her own tear. “Yes, it’s just hard to see when you’re out there going this MessagePreneur thing alone…”

“Ya, no kidding…”



you have a clear core message, a strong brand, and an outline

you are feeling urgency to get it out there


you’re not writing

you’re not moving toward your goals for your message

beginning to feel like this is too hard


You’re Not Alone.


Most Messengers I meet don’t start or complete
their goals for their message for years.



I Don’t Have the Time

When you learn how to create the time in your schedule, not only for writing but for everything you need to keep your spirit, mind, body, and loved ones healthy and happy, you won’t feel like you are
choosing the message over everything and everyone else you care about.

It’s Such a Big Project, I’m Overwhelmed

When you learn how to break the project down into smaller writing goals
(and how much time to spend on specific topics and stories),
you will feel more confident and move through the writing more quickly.

All This Other (More Important) Stuff Came Up

When you learn how your message IS the answer, you will begin to recognize the pattern and the lesson in ‘all this other (more important) stuff coming up.’ Once you realize that most things that look like an obstacle to writing are actually sacred opportunities to rewrite and heal your stories, you will have unlocked the real magic of writing and speaking your message and become a more powerful facilitator of healing in your readers, audiences, and clients.

It’s Just a Dream of Mine

When you start to see a bunch of your readers showing up around you and asking for your help,
it will be easier for you to stop putting the message at the bottom of your TO-DO list.
Sharing your message is your dream, but it’s an answer to their prayers.

 I Don’t Know If I Want to (or How to) Share These Stories

When you let the stories out on to the page, you can really see them (and rewrite/heal them) and then decide if they need to be included for the good of the reader. Once you do that, our simple strategies will help you write/share the stories in a way that actually facilitates healing and transformation for the readers/audiences while they’re reading/listening. 

My family thinks I’m crazy…

When you find other people who understand what it’s like to be inspired with a message and the process of writing, healing, and growing, it’s easier for you to stay inspired, move through the process,
and remain accountable to your message goals.


Since Most New Messengers Move Faster with
One-on-One Guidance and Support Through this Process,
I Created the…


This Program Includes:



4 Writing Cocoon Days

(breakthrough work + play productivity time
 = more velocity + ease to get those projects done)


2 hours of Individual Coaching

(private coaching calls are focused on making the content powerful)



You’ll leave this program with…

a powerful manuscriptsignature talk, or curriculum,
rewritten and healed stories
a deeper capacity for facilitating transformation
and healing
in others,
amazing writing skills
a community that will keep you
true to your intention


Investment – Customized to Participant’s Needs

(6 month commitments)

Some people write it in 6 months. Some require more healing time and take 12 – 18 months.


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