Publish & Launch It

“The book has been almost done for years. I really only have half of a chapter left to write.” She caught her breath with the last statement.

“What are you going to do with it when you finish?”

“Honestly, I have no idea…” she began, her anxiety obviously increasing, “I’ve heard there are different options for publishing, but I’m not sure which one is the best fit for me.”

“Do you have editors lined up to help you make sure the content is in the most powerful order? To clean up any grammar and punctuation mistakes?”

“Well, I actually had two editors work on a few chapters, just to try the process. But I wasn’t happy with either one of them. One of them was really inexpensive but she didn’t give me any real feedback on the content, and the other one changed my voice. It was very upsetting…” Her voice trailed off as she recalled her frustration.

“I can imagine. I’m sorry – that’s one thing we are so careful about because we know how important it is to keep the voice consistent, especially if you are going to be a speaker too…” She paused, “How about the design? Have you thought about the book cover design or the interior layout?”

“Well, I have some ideas for the cover, but I’m not an artist and don’t know how to communicate my ideas to one. Again, I tried to get someone to do a first draft and what they gave me was not even close to what I imagined. And I really don’t know anything about interior layout. I’m just so confused…maybe that’s why I haven’t finished the manuscript?”

“That’s entirely possible,” she hesitated for a moment before continuing, “What do you plan on doing with the message? Do you see it going beyond the book? Will you be a speaker or a coach?”

“All I wanted to do was write a book,” she took a deep breath to calm the frustration, “but I have been asked by several people to coach them. I don’t know the first thing about this whole process…”



you have a complete (or almost complete) manuscript, talk, or course

you don’t know your publishing options or your best next step

you don’t have a team of good-hearted experts (message coaches, editors, designers, business experts, etc.)
to brainstorm with or make sure you take the right steps in the right order



you plan to be (or already are) a speaker or coach

you want to launch (or update) your book or brand

you need support developing transformational curriculum or events

you would prefer to work with a good-hearted team that
already knows what to do
and how to do it

you want to launch a brand without compromising what’s important to you


You’re Not Alone.


Most Messengers we meet don’t really know
what it takes to launch a book or a brand.


That’s Why…


I walk alongside, guiding and equipping, Messengers through every phase of one or both of these CUSTOMIZED programs




Complete a Manuscript EditContent Editing, Copyediting, Proofreading

First and foremost, especially if you have not written the book with our coaching and support, I will make sure your Content is True to YOUR Intention. Recommendations will be made, and then I will support you in making them, showing you exactly how to make the changes with easy models to follow. Once the Content is powerful,
I’ll have my editors 
make sure the style, grammar, punctuation are consistent and polished.

Design + Develop the Book Cover

Since this is the first thing the reader will see, the colors, images, and title/subtitle have to ‘grab’ their attention, but it also has to resonate with you and your message. I have a process that makes book cover development easy, and our incredibly intuitive designer works quickly, so we can get the book cover done and ready for
the marketing campaign. 
To see previous book covers we’ve worked on, CLICK HERE.

Write the Back Cover / Book Description / Marketing Copy

If the cover is impossible to ignore, the reader will usually flip the book over to read the description on the back cover before opening it up. The description/marketing copy has to be engaging and concise.
For samples of my work, see the Amazon Book Descriptions of the books we’ve produced.

Write Additional Pages: Front Matter + Invitation

Again, this is about not only creating an experience for the reader and honoring those who have helped you along the journey; it’s about transitioning the reader into a ‘tribe member’ or ‘client,’  giving them a way to stay connected to
to keep learning from you if that’s what their heart is telling them to do.

Layout + Set Up for Purchase/Distribution

We will discuss which small press will best suit your needs, and then I will support you through the experience of working with that press to turn your manuscript into a paperback and ebook. This includes interior design and layout.
Because our books typically facilitate emotional experiences, it’s important that we create a congruent visual experience. We have to use some ‘visual tricks,’ so that they don’t feel like the material is
too much or too dense to work through. We want it to look and feel like easy, breezy reading and put them
in the right frame of mind and heart to absorb everything they can from the experience.


You’ll leave the Wing Training Program with…

a powerful, beautifully designed book that will
your readers’ lives
position you
for more speaking opportunities,
and increase your revenue potential.



customized by project

(payment plan+ financing + scholarships available)


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Make Sure This Program is 
the Right Fit and the Best Next Step for You

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CLICK HERE to see some of our messengers’ finished products!




Uncover the Possibilities + Develop Your First Business Plan

We will develop your basic revenue model, clarify your direction for your launch, create a plan, and lay a solid foundation for your message-based business. Our goal is to help you create the business in such a way that it will not compromise
your message, your ethics, or your personal life and goals.

Develop Your Brand Identity

We’ll work with you to develop your brand identity – colors, images, messaging – online and offline.
This means that we will develop your logo, business cards, letterhead design,
and your website and one social media platform.

Implement Your First Business Plan Launch ONE Campaign Event

I will support you in developing the strategy, the systems, and the policies you need to move your business forward and grow it quickly, and I will support you with everything related to your copywriting
(sales pages, emails, etc.), curriculum, and coaching support.

Identify Your First Online Strategy6 Months of Implementation

I’ve also partnered with a Social Media Expert to help you reach your goals. They will provide the road map, set up one social media platform, and implement the strategy for 6 months of your campaign, including a strategic starter online ad campaign. All of the offline strategy will be created together, but up to you to implement.

Final Wing Training Before Launch LIVE Support

Once the curriculum is developed and the campaign is rolling, it will be time for you to practice your delivery. I will invite you to practice (on us and our community) facilitating your curriculum, coaching, and inviting people to take the next step. This is an opportunity to get real-time, laser coaching on your speaking, facilitating, and coaching before you go out into the world and do it. I’ll help you identify areas for quick and easy improvement and give you on-the-spot coaching
and opportunities to adjust and practice more powerful approaches.


You’ll leave this program with a


your book and brand,

rewritten and healed stories
and abilities to share your message,

a deeper capacity for facilitating transformation and healing in others,

copywriting skills

a fully developed and launched program/event,

increased revenue,

growing a brand WITHOUT compromising what’s most important to you, and a community that will
keep you true to your intention


customized by project

(payment plans + financing + scholarships available)


Interestedbut not sure?

Book a FREE 30-Minute Call to Ask Your Questions and
Make Sure This Program is 
the Right Fit and the Best Next Step for You


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