Client:Tami Dempsey
Date:June 05, 2014

Tami Dempsey

Is your heart aching for something more?
Do you find yourself just going through the motions?
Are you hungry for a change?

After growing up feeling like a princess in God’s throne room, Tami Dempsey’s perfect world was shattered at the tender age of twelve. For the next twenty-four years, deep emotional pain enabled her to minister powerfully to the hurting through song, while her own aching heart cried out behind closed doors, “Lord, I know in Your Spirit is everything I can possibly need for this journey. Why can’t I access it?”

Hungry for more than God’s presence and anointing, Pastor Tami pleaded for the healing and abundant life He had promised. God responded by taking her on a transformational journey from the glory of His presence to the glory of His purpose. Through the transparency of her prayer journals, you too will discover:

God yearns to be known…

He wants to become your Daily Salvation—your deliverance, help, victory, and prosperity—right now, in this present moment, no matter what the situation or circumstance…

Living an abundant life is much easier than you think…

Prepare to be transformed…

“…changed into His image from Glory to Glory

2 Corinthians 3:18


At an early age, Tami began collecting books and articles for the day when she would “help others.” Introverted and shy, she would literally croak when asked a question in class, earning herself the nickname Frog. But Tami had a dream.

Befriended by a college professor teaching psycho cybernetics, Tami was told she could be anything she wanted to be and do anything she wanted to do—if she could just imagine it. Her Sunday School teacher explained it as “faith—the ability to see it, feel it, and rejoice as though it already is!”

As a twelve-year old misfit, living in a fantasy world in order to escape her painful reality, Tami began daydreaming about “singing with power.” By the age of fourteen, she was moving audiences across the country with her voice.

Today, Pastor Tami is a Transformational Messenger, powerful singer and speaker, spiritual coach and author of Glory to Glory, the Tale of a Hungry Heart, her story of healing and transformation told strictly through the transparency of her prayer journals. Her sole and soul purpose is to inspire a world-wide hunger to know God…personally and intimately. Her dream is to give hurting children the same gift that she was given…a future and a hope.


“It all happened so fast….from ‘Anyone want to play…?’ to launching my book on a stage with two hundred people in the room…all in less than six months. Amanda saw ‘me’ before I did and gently helped me connect the dots, uncover my brand, and unwrap my story in a way that transformed my own approach to speaking and coaching. Her editing team adapted their process to match my color and texture, and the design/production team brought the picture I had painted with my words into high definition. Amanda’s wisdom, insight, and unique approach is unmatched in this industry. My book writing and publishing experience with True to Intention can only be described as life-changing.”