Client:Ruben Estrada
Date:June 05, 2014

Ruben Estrada

“You don’t know what you don’t know, Ruben.”

Four years ago, Ruben Estrada was on the verge of losing it all. The company he had poured his life into teetered on the brink of collapse, and his family suffered in his absence while he fought to save their livelihood.

What went wrong? Four years of steady growth, and now it’s unraveling?

After praying the last-minute flight to save his biggest customer would be worth the upset it had caused in his home, Ruben opened his eyes and noticed the man sitting next to him. The mysterious stranger kindly introduced himself as Coach, and within minutes, Ruben knew that he was not on that flight to save his last big account – he was on that flight to meet the man who would show him how to turn his business around and give him the ability to save his life…in more ways than either of them could have imagined that day.

Know Your Next Move is Ruben’s raw account of his first few mind-blowing meetings with Coach – where he learned The 7 Core Disciplines of Business that would eventually help him identify his next move, turn the business around and grow it into a multi-million dollar enterprise, and be ready when the ultimate test of his learning arrived.

What he didn’t know almost cost Ruben his life.
What he learned gave him the opportunity to save it.

And now, he wants to share it with you.

Do you know your next move?


Ruben A. Estrada is CEO and chief small business architect of Estrada Strategies, Franchise Inc, and founder of the CEO Club™, Chairman’s Club™, Executive On-Line Club™ and the CEO Exchange.

In 2000, Ruben formed Estrada Strategies, LLC with the Vision of helping all businesses succeed. With a team of associates serving over 276 clients, under Ruben’s leadership, Estrada Strategies provides services that include executive training and sales systems, executive leadership development, systems management, organization development, strategic planning, financial management, and much more. The unique “Behavior Modification” model that integrates coaching, training, and monitoring ensures that Estrada Strategies clients realize significant improvements in revenues and profits.

Today, Estrada Strategies is working to expand its vision to other states. Beginning in 2008, the company began developing a franchising system to reach outside of California and now has franchise offices in TN, CO, FL and CA.

Ruben’s expertise for rebuilding existing companies and for establishing new operations have made him a leader among entrepreneurs and CEOs of small businesses. His ability to develop and implement new market penetration and acquisition plans gives his clients the edge in growing their businesses. Using the Core Disciplines of Business™, Ruben has helped many entrepreneurs realize their full potential. His many clients have realized significant increases in revenue, gross profits and net income. They have also learned how to develop and implement systems to improve performance throughout their companies.

Prior to launching Estrada Strategies, Ruben worked 16 years with a now publicly held company. In the last ten years of his corporate career, Ruben opened new operations for the corporation in a series of West coast cities exceeding $21 million in annual revenues while winning numerous awards and recognition for service excellence and unprecedented growth. In, 2004, Ruben created the Estrada Strategies Foundation to serve those small businesses who were not in a financial position to invest in an Estrada Strategies, LLC program. The Foundation is now recognized as the Inland Southern California’s Small Business Resource Liaison serving start-ups, and youth in high school/college aspiring to be entrepreneurs in addition to the struggling small business owner.

An inter-nationally recognized key note speaker and an Inland Empire community leader, Ruben Estrada serves on several corporate and community boards and has been the recipient of numerous business and community awards. A deeply spiritual and family man, he lives in San Bernardino, California with his wife Lori, daughter Brittany, and son Ruben Jr.


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