Client:Maggie Bain
Date:May 30, 2014

Maggie Bain

Rekindle the Heat. Deepen the Intimacy.
Enjoy Rock Solid Love.

Relationship and Intimacy Specialist Maggie Bain slams the textbooks shut and pulls back the curtains (and covers!) on her own relationship to show you the real secrets to making yours rock solid and hot. Intimate personal stories and thought-provoking insights make it easy to identify the limiting beliefs and behaviors that keep your love life hedged in the ‘ho-hum’, and then transform it into the extraordinary experience for you and your partner. You will learn how to: – Embrace Coupledom and Rock Your Duet – Make Your Partner Feel Like a Rock Star -Rock The Boat and Still Express Yourself with Authenticity -Rocket Launch Your Intimacy with Play and Passion -Create a Rock of Ages Relationship You Can Trust TURNING A ‘HO-HUM’ RELATIONSHIP INTO AN EXTRAORDINARY ONE IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK!

You will learn how to:

  • Embrace Coupledom and Rock Your Duet


  • Make Your Partner Feel Like a Rock Star


  • Rock the Boat and Still Express Yourself with Authenticity


  • Rocket Launch Your Intimacy with Play and Passion


  • Create a Rock of Ages Relationship You Can Trust



Born in Kano Nigeria and raised in Scotland, Maggie ventured to the Bahamas in 1988. She arrived with a wealth of knowledge after having been trained in the United Kingdom as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, and Critical Care Nurse. After more than thirty years of nursing, she decided to pursue her lifelong interest in human sexuality at the Florida Sex Therapy Institute, West Palm Beach, and returned to break new ground by becoming the first Sex Therapist in The Bahamas and sparking conversations on sexuality.

With a strong purpose, but still unsure how her work was going to be received, Maggie took flight with her weekly column titled ‘Loving Relationships’ for the health section of Nassau’s Tribune newspaper, and also hosting her own ‘Love On The Rock’ interactive relationship radio show on Island FM. She was delighted by the warm feedback and by the public’s demand for more. As the community became more accepting, her speaking engagements and private clients increased, and her work started to take root.

Maggie’s message of rekindling the heat and deepening the intimacy to create an extraordinary relationship is both relatable and recognizably achievable. Her unique style and natural ability to put people at ease makes her a magnetic personality. This became evident when she was accepted and began to study with bestselling author, transformational speaker, and featured teacher of The Secret Lisa Nichols.

The conception and birth of the first book in the Rock Solid Love series Love On The Rock: Take Your Love Life from ‘Ho-Hum’ to Extraordinary is the stepping stone to her global work and is already available throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia.



“‘Turn your chin a little more and look this way. Beautiful, so cute. Great shot.’

Hair, make-up, and my first false eye lashes. Here I am on my first photo shoot for the launch of my brand Rock Solid Love. The outdoors setting surrounded by rocks and boulders in the tranquil background of Glen Ivy Center. It was the place of conception of the Rock dream just 7 months before, and the appropriate setting for capturing the look for the world presentation of my newly birthed book Love On The Rock: Take Your Love Life from ‘Ho-Hum’ to Extraordinary.

It felt like the first taste of Rock Star living with my loving entourage of friends who willingly pitched in to make the experience for all of us fun and memorable. Dabbing a shiny face, a little face powder, and a steady hand to guide me over the rocky terrain. A reminder that a trusty outstretched hand, that can anticipate our needs, is priceless in its value.

But I did not come to Amanda’s Jumpstart Your Message Retreat knowing that this was the title of my brand. Yes, my purpose, message, and vision was quite clear, but it was how to deliver it in the most powerful way, and to the people who needed it the most, was where I needed the expertise. I had taken my work to this point all by myself, but now that I knew I had been called to spread the word, I now realized that I needed a trustworthy person to connect with my mission.

You see, I knew I was a messenger of loving-kindness and a teacher of deep intimacy for some time and had been working in the Bahamas as a Relationship and Sex Therapist. But Sex Therapist does not always sit well with people, and I was conscious of the need to be more relatable to a wider audience. How to present myself in a clear and complete package was paramount if my work was going to have longevity, and my was to be livelihood sustainable.

I first met Amanda in the ladies restroom during the first day of the Global Leadership Program that I had traveled to San Diego for, and within our 2 minute conversation, she had branded me as a Relationship and Intimacy Specialist.

Click…our spirits connected and the relationship was formed. It was that first spark of interest that has now grown into a dear friendship and sisterhood. The depth of the reward, and the quality of the work that was produced, can only take place in persons of truth and authenticity. Amanda and her team at True to Intention are the ‘real deal’. Whether you are a person who needs someone to walk beside you, hold your hand or needs a good kick on the backside…. you can be sure that your personal needs will be met.

The family that I now have entered was by design. We hold each other accountable in a deep caring space that can only be headed by a person who has experienced transformation herself. Amanda walks ahead of us but never forgets to keep on glancing back to make sure that we are all still moving at the same pace.