Client:Jenée Dana
Date:June 05, 2014

Jenée Dana

Isn’t it time to get better grades
and have more fun?

Learn the secrets to better grades and more fun from Productivity Expert Jenée Dana, who graduated UCLA in 3 years and still had a blast, in spite of struggling with ADHD and undiagnosed reading disabilities!

• Decide if the 3-Year Plan is the Right One for You

• Create Your Plan: Figure Out What YOU WANT and WHY You Want It

• Get Good Grades with Less Effort (still effort…but less of it)

• Drop the Schedule Wedgie: Balance Your Schedule so You’re Successful in School and Have Time for Fun!


Jenée Dana, Chief Focusing Officer of My Focus Book and author of Have Fun & Get It Done: Graduate from a Top University in 3 Years or Less Without Being a Genius, acquired much of her expertise in productivity while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from UCLA. After two grueling years of struggling with undiagnosed reading disabilities and ADHD, Jenée took a risk to relieve her mother of the financial burden and decided to complete her last two years of UCLA academic requirements in just one year. Combining the best productivity tools she could get her hands on, she had her most productive and exciting year ever. Her grades went up, and so did her fun factor! Today, she teaches students, entrepreneurs, and professionals how to increase their productivity and reach their goals without sacrificing the fun.

Since graduating UCLA, she realized the importance and value of the productivity skills she had learned from books, friends, and good old trial and error. She created My Focus Book for herself originally to keep everything she needed to achieve her goals and stay on track in one place. Thanks to her ADHD, she loses things or misplaces them often, and My Focus Book was a way to keep her head on straight. A professional Mary Kay Senior Beauty Consultant at the time, her unit saw the new planner she was using and asked her to make them one. That year, two women in her adoptee unit earned their free Mary Kay cars and became Directors, attributing their success to the My Focus Book. Her entire unit encouraged her to start her business and My Focus Book was born.

Since then, she has been supporting clients all over the United States and Canada. My Focus Book has helped top executives in multi- million dollar personal development companies to reach their goals faster. She has had clients report up to 100% increase in their productivity using her Daily Accountability sheets.

Since writing Have Fun & Get It Done: Graduate From a Top University in 3 Years or Less Without Being a Genius, she has been asked to speak to organizations, businesses and schools about how their students can increase their productivity and still have time for a life. Now a student version, as well as an online version, of the My Focus Book bucket list calendar has been created.

Jenée Dana resides in Hawaii with her fiancé Adam. She runs Have Fun & Get It Done Networking activities with Zumba instructors and speaks to organizations, schools, and businesses about productivity and the Have Fun & Get It Done system. When Jenée is not working, she is having fun on a date with Adam, having lunch with a friend, “activizing”, or shopping.


“Working with True to Intention has been amazing for my business! When I came to the first meeting, I knew I wanted to write a book, but I had no idea what it would be about. In ten minutes of coaching, I had a book idea I was excited about AND A WHOLE NEW MARKET IN MY BUSINESS. It wasn’t long after that when my brand – Have Fun & Get It Done – emerged from one of our sessions and skyrocketed my business. Suddenly, I had six words that captured everything about me AND what I want to share with the world. Wow!

As soon as I began the program and saw my new market, huge doors began to open for my business. I’ve interviewed celebrities, I’ve partnered with big brands, and I’ve developed amazing curriculum to support students and entrepreneurs Have Fun & Get It Done. Oh, and my book not only became a bestseller, it’s won several awards and helped me to launch a super fun speaking career.”