Date:March 09, 2015

Jackie VanCampen

Changing Your Life Is as Simple as
Listening to Your Heart

After more than two decades of living and re-living stories of abandonment and invisibility, Jacqueline VanCampen found herself divorced, depressed, and desperate to change her life for herself and her toddler daughter. Determined, Jacqueline immersed herself in everything transformation and learned that it is through listening to the Wise Heart Within that one can re-write their stories and finally experience the joy and magic of life.

Excited to share her discovery and the healing tools she had gathered, Jacqueline set out to help women connect with their hearts, only to find that her 13-year-old daughter was suddenly caught in the same painful stories and needed the message Jacqueline had been called to share.

In Letters to My Daughter, Jacqueline boldly and transparently shares her story of healing to inspire her daughter to begin to listen to the wisdom of her own heart.

As you read, you too will discover:

  • The Wise Heart Within is Universal and Speaks the Same Truths to All of Us


  • Your Stories Can Be Healed and Re-written


  • Listening to Your Heart Will Change Your Life


If you have a story that needs healing, if you are worried that your daughter is beginning to live the same story, if you want to know what your Wise Heart Within is saying to you, then this book is for you.


Jacqueline VanCampen is a transformational coach, intuitive healer, spiritual leader, and the founder of Wise Heart Within. Using life experiences and multiple coaching and healing modalities, she inspires and empowers mothers and daughters to speak their truth, connect to their hearts, and manifest their highest potential.

“When mothers heal themselves, their daughters also heal and transform.”

Believing that every woman has the seed of empowerment within, Jacqueline teaches them, through her seven heart-steps, how to help that seed grow and blossom.

Jacqueline is known amongst her peers as “a compassionate listener who cares deeply about the happiness and well-being of others.” and has developed a process that facilitates connection to the divine self and Wise Heart Within, guiding women to start their healing journey and allow their hearts to lead them along the path of self- discovery and happiness.

Jacqueline has several years of experience in healing and coaching. She has completed the Curriculum for Living, Access to Power, and Advance Communication courses as well as coached in two programs with Landmark Education. She has been a leader for many years in the SGI-USA lay Buddhist organization, the aim of which is promoting peace, culture, and education. She has received a certificate in energy healing through Love Without End and conveys energy healing, also known as Christ Blessings. She is also a Bars Practitioner with Access Consciousness.

Jacqueline lives in Orange County, CA, with her husband Adonis, their three daughters Marla, Jasmine, and Isabella, and their two dogs Jake and Charity.

For more information about Jacqueline’s work and how you can connect with her, please visit or


“Amanda, working with you was been like a dream come true! Your expertise (we did what in only two months?!?), your huge heart, your support, and your amazing community helped me soar to higher grounds! In complete and utter gratitude!”