Date:March 09, 2015

Carol Savoie

What if you could kick your smoking habit for good?

After 35 years of addiction, Carol Savoie (Licensed Practical Nurse) quit smoking in spite of impossible odds — living with a husband who continued to smoke and facing old feelings of depression without cigarettes.

Ten years after her last cigarette, and the recent loss of her husband to lung cancer, Carol is candidly sharing her personal journey and the 5-step process that helped her quit for good.

In The Last Cigarette, you’ll learn:

  • A Simple 5-Step Formula to Kick the Addiction for Good


  • Powerful Visualization Techniques that Make Quitting Easier


  • Tools, Skills, and Strategies to Deal with the Cravings


  • New Ways to Cope with Life’s Big and Little Challenges


  • It May Not Be Easy, but It Is Worth It


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be grateful that this powerful little book dropped into your lap when it did.

If she can do it, you can do it too!


Carol Savoie, Licensed Practical Nurse, smoked for more than 35 years before she discovered a simple 5-step process to quit smoking. Inspired by the loss of her husband and numerous other family members and friends, she has dedicated her life to helping others quit smoking so they can live powerful, health-filled lives. Carol resides on a small hobby farm in Southern Minnesota with her beloved dog Champ and her spunky cats Runt and Roberta. She is also the proud mother of three and grandmother of five.