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Be Here + The Wind’s Bootcamp :)

It was the first Write Side Down Day of 2015, and I’d just finished setting up the room. I opened my Facebook app and posted about my excitement to reconnect with my amazing clients, smiling at all of the “What’s your resolution/intention for this year?” hype before exiting. I have no

You’re joking, right?

One of my favorite times of day. The sun is only beginning to kiss the sky. And it’s so still, I can hear myself breathe, as I tiptoe to my quiet space. Kneeling on my prayer blanket, I start my day. Just me, my Soul, and The Wind. As I prepare myself for a day of magic, carefully con

Seriously? Wth was I thinking?

The first leg of my journey home from a life-changing retreat from Costa Rica… 3 hours in line, and just enough time to board and relax on a flight into Miami. 3.5 hours later, I was feeling grateful for a safe landing, but after waiting 45 minutes on the tarmac for our gate to become

Sandy Cappelli

“This was not the story I wanted to write… or publish.” After deepening her faith through the diffic
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Carol Savoie

What if you could kick your smoking habit for good? After 35 years of addiction, Carol Savoie (Licen
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