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“He knew when…”

“You know, Amanda,” she paused, as she took another moment to look at the ever-changing landscape. “He knew when to buy, when to sell, and…he knew when to die too.” She said it so matter-of-factly that I burst into laughter, gripping the steering wheel to maintain control of the car.

“I feel like I’ve been set free!” (oh wait)

“I feel like I’ve been set free!” she exclaimed only two days after I became her primary caregiver. I smiled, grateful for the affirmation that The Wind had guided us here. For the next two weeks, my family watched in amazement at what unfolded. She began walking straighter and faster

Be Here + The Wind’s Bootcamp :)

It was the first Write Side Down Day of 2015, and I’d just finished setting up the room. I opened my Facebook app and posted about my excitement to reconnect with my amazing clients, smiling at all of the “What’s your resolution/intention for this year?” hype before exiting. I have no

You’re joking, right?

One of my favorite times of day. The sun is only beginning to kiss the sky. And it’s so still, I can hear myself breathe, as I tiptoe to my quiet space. Kneeling on my prayer blanket, I start my day. Just me, my Soul, and The Wind. As I prepare myself for a day of magic, carefully con

Ursula Mentjes

Selling can be fun and easy! In Selling with Synchronicity, Sales Expert and Coach Ursula Mentjes ex
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Amanda Johnson

“I was a really good mom… until one moment, on a bad day…” Having spent most
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Maggie Bain

Rekindle the Heat. Deepen the Intimacy. Enjoy Rock Solid Love. Relationship and Intimacy Specialist
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