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The Story TRUMPS All (Yes, I really did that.)

A historic election, the results reverberating through the airwaves…and our souls. The anxiety on the planet is palpable. It woke me up hours before dawn the morning of the election, begging me to get to my meditation pillow and do my part to hold the intention for unity and love. As

An Old Favorite, Tuned to a Higher Frequency

“Babe, can I share one of our old favorite songs, tuned to a higher frequency?” “Sure,” I smiled and sat back on the soft couch in the dimly lit living room, wondering which song he was going to play. The first few seconds of the song transported me to December 2012… I was 85-minutes

“He knew when…”

“You know, Amanda,” she paused, as she took another moment to look at the ever-changing landscape. “He knew when to buy, when to sell, and…he knew when to die too.” She said it so matter-of-factly that I burst into laughter, gripping the steering wheel to maintain control of the car.

Tami Dempsey

Is your heart aching for something more? Do you find yourself just going through the motions? Are yo
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Marlia Cochran

“But…don’t Good Girls get good things?” After acquiring two degrees in theological studies, and pass
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