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Key #2 – Turn Your Resolutions into a Revolution

“I’ve been trying to write this book for months now,” I overheard her say to another retreat participant. “Oh, that’s great. How far have you gotten?” the other participant asked. “Weeeeeeelllllll, that’s the thing. When I say that I’ve been writing my book for months, it means that I

Key #1 to Turn Your Resolutions into a Revolution

“Amanda, I have been developing a new model for Business and Education to play together for the last 30 years…”  As she shared her vision and her story, the hairs on my arms began to stand straight up and I felt tons of energy running through me from head to toe. I could see the conne

The Story TRUMPS All (Yes, I really did that.)

A historic election, the results reverberating through the airwaves…and our souls. The anxiety on the planet is palpable. It woke me up hours before dawn the morning of the election, begging me to get to my meditation pillow and do my part to hold the intention for unity and love. As

David Karchere

What our world, and the people in it, need most from you is… for you to be a sun. As the human race
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Amanda Johnson

“I was a really good mom… until one moment, on a bad day…” Having spent most
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Overcome the 7 Biggest Mistakes Aspiring Authors Make