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When Is It Going to Be Enough?

When is it going to be enough? It hit me from a few angles in the same week. Of course there was the typical FB craziness… The beautiful ads. Ugh, I wonder if I’ll ever get my shit together on Facebook. The amazing copywriting. How long is it going to take to get my copywriting to fee

The Labyrinth

“Have either of you walked a labyrinth before?” I asked, standing only a few feet away from its entrance under the magnificent white pine tree. One participant nodded her head YES and the other shook hers NO. “Okay, so a labyrinth walk is considered a moving meditation or prayer. The

Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Healing

I probably rushed her off the phone too fast, but only because my mind was racing ahead to getting to her and my siblings. It’s been 3 months since I woke up to several missed calls and texts from my mom and sister, starting at 2:30am. My heart sank and my head swirled with all of the

Tribute: What My Dad Taught Me About Achieving Potential

I called him the minute I got to my car. “Dad, you know the project I told you about – the one where my teacher gave me permission to test your theory and tool with some kids around here and report the results?” “Yes.” I could hear him smiling, trying to contain his excitement at the

David Karchere

What our world, and the people in it, need most from you is… for you to be a sun. As the human race
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Ahmondra McClendon

Soar Through Your Transitions and Toward Your Dreams! Transformational speaker and coach Ahmondra Mc
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Claudia Cooley

Accelerate your success and enjoy the ride. ______________________________  “Millions of men around
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