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Resistance to Writing It Down

“Okay, so take a few minutes and write down your revenue goals for 2011.” Ugghhh…I hate this! I wonder if she’ll notice if I don’t write them down again. She smiled at me from across the room. She noticed. We’ve played together for a long time. I’ve coached her with her books, she’s c

A New Approach to My To-Do List

The previous three weeks had been a blur of activity. I was pushing myself harder than I had ever pushed myself before. The deadlines were flying by, and I was barely making them. I was up at 4am to get a meditation and a bit of yoga in before I started work at 5am, and then I barely

Saying No to Say YES

“Momma, I don’t want to grow up!” “What, honey? Why don’t you want to grow up?” My heart raced with fear when I heard my six year old make such an emphatic declaration. “I don’t want to work.” “Why?” But I already knew somewhere inside me what he was about to say. “You come home from

They Weren’t Taking Me Seriously, by Jenee Dana

Jenee Dana Co-Founder of My Focus Book LLC Author of Have Fun & Get It Done: Graduate from a Top University in 3 Years or Less without Being a Genius! “Your daughter will be a great cheerleader when she grows up.” I didn’t know what my second grade teacher was trying to say at the