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Dare to Dream – Secret #2

“So, where are the children’s books?” “Ummm… well, the idea for those books moved me in the direction of the dream that The Wind was ready to unfold for me. I realized, as soon I stepped into the Secret Teacher’s community, that I had a lot of internal work and healing to do before I

Dare to Dream – Secret #1

“Good evening! Wow! Look at this room! You know, I imagined standing up here and saying something like, ‘It’s just like I dreamed it would be,’ but that’s not true! THIS – THIS…” my hands extended toward the room “…IS WAY BEYOND MY DREAM!” I paused, just to breathe in the moment, real

The Man in the Mirror + Messaging

“I can’t believe they didn’t end the show with Heal the World…” I was surprised when I felt frustration rush heat all over my body in response to such a simple statement, but it didn’t take me long to understand why. Did they even watch the show?!? Maybe it’s just me and my obsession

My Hungry Heart, by Tami Dempsey

My heart, O God, hungers after Yours I want to know You…I want to know You Teach me Your ways, show me Your heart I want to know You, I want to know You more I want to know who You are I want to know what You love I want to know just where Your favor rests And that’s right where I’ll