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Dare to Dream – Secret #3

“If you really knew me…” The words nearly got stuck in my throat. It was one week after I had manifested the Secret Teacher into my life, and I’d walked into her workshop that morning super excited to experience her work. Maybe I’ll even get a chance to tell her about the message I’ve

Dare to Dream – Secret #2

“So, where are the children’s books?” “Ummm… well, the idea for those books moved me in the direction of the dream that The Wind was ready to unfold for me. I realized, as soon I stepped into the Secret Teacher’s community, that I had a lot of internal work and healing to do before I

Dare to Dream – Secret #1

“Good evening! Wow! Look at this room! You know, I imagined standing up here and saying something like, ‘It’s just like I dreamed it would be,’ but that’s not true! THIS – THIS…” my hands extended toward the room “…IS WAY BEYOND MY DREAM!” I paused, just to breathe in the moment, real

The Man in the Mirror + Messaging

“I can’t believe they didn’t end the show with Heal the World…” I was surprised when I felt frustration rush heat all over my body in response to such a simple statement, but it didn’t take me long to understand why. Did they even watch the show?!? Maybe it’s just me and my obsession