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“I see you…”

It was a few brief moments, orchestrated over the course of 4 days… Moments that I could have easily missed, if not for the first one… Moments that were, without a doubt, divinely masterminded to say, “I see you, Amanda…” The first moment… He forgot to set his alarm and raced through

The Rebel in Me Honors the Rebel in You

“Amanda, when are you coming back?” I knew she was talking about business, and I knew that it was pure-hearted concern motivating her question. “I don’t know.” I shook my head in frustration and looked down to hide my tears. “Amanda, what if you just…” I listened, desperate for someth


I received so many responses to the email about Ruben’s Legacy of IMPACT this week. Words like POWERFUL, INSPIRING, LIFE-CHANGING filled the emails, and I smiled, thinking about how much Ruben would love to see how his message is already stirring up the desire for others to “sta

“My Dice Has a Plan for Me!”

It was the end of a long week, chalked full of more than a few disappointments for each of us. Tired, but committed to family time, we decided to try and lighten the mood with a game of Dirty Marbles. (It’s like the old board game Aggravation, but a few of the rules are bent to keep i