My Story

In one crystal clear moment

I saw who I really am and why I am here.
I knew what I wanted to say and who I could help.
And, most importantly, I realized that I was made for this message…
Suddenly, every character and plot twist in my story made perfect sense.

I felt soul-level relief to see my purpose, and took immediate action.
I outlined the books, hired an illustrator, and told everyone my intentions.
I found myself surrounded by the perfect people, resources, and guidance that moved me forward with velocity.

And then I went upside-down

Unlike the caterpillar that quickly relaxes into the upside-down and builds the structure it needs to transform, I found myself resisting the process because I lacked what I needed to become the messenger I knew I was here to be…

I had a solid outline for my message, but I still didn’t feel ready or safe enough to put it on paper.

How could I possibly tell THAT story?

What I really needed was the structure for total message and messenger transformation I needed a Cocoon.


I needed the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical
safe spaces to hold me together while I faced my old stories.

I needed the friends and coaches who actively partnered with me
to move my vision of my true self and my message forward.

I needed the expertise of master storytellers,
and I needed to witness “the sacred” in my own story.

I needed to let my old ideas of myself dissolve, and reorganize all
of my material to become more of who I really am,
develop my wings, and take flight.

It wasn’t enough to put the message into the world.
I needed to feel damn proud of how I did it
and capable of doing it justice.


My commitment to becoming a Mindful Messenger paid off big time.

I not only discovered my true purpose, I followed the inspiration and took action.
I learned to relax into the upside-down and let the process unfold.
I created a solid cocoon and healed my story and my life.
I developed my wing strength and did things I had no idea I could do.
I learned to trust The Wind and allowed it to carry me to places I never imagined I could go.
I shared what I was learning with others and impacted their lives in powerful ways.

When I finally wrote that book, it was a completely different book—a far more powerful book.

It was the book I wished I’d had several years before when I was so scared and isolated that the only safe place for me to work through that problem was a book.

And, I wrote it inside of 3 weeks because by that time, part of my Cocoon structure was a loving community and team to help me make sure it was true to my intention on every single level.

I’m grateful for every moment of the journey
and for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with you.

True to Intention is where I help messengers like you
develop your Cocoon for total message and messenger transformation with:

  • clarity of your core message,
    so you can avoid losing your way and repeating yourself


  • the blueprint for your message, story, and expertise (I call it The Message Matrix!),
    so you won’t get lost in your story or feel self-indulgent, flat, or preachy


  • the eyes to see your story as a sacred text,
    so you can stop doubting whether your message is unique or necessary


  • structures for the writing and transformation process that align with you,
    so you can stop using formulas that don’t work for you


  • fast storytelling and writing skill development,
    so you can be proud of your final product and stop fearing overexposure of yourself and other characters in your story


  • exciting momentum and flow in the writing,
    so you don’t have to spend months and years struggling through a manuscript or content development


  • a community of allies who are in various phases of messy metamorphosis and message development,
    so you don’t have to feel alone…ever again


  • a partnership with a coach who rolls up her sleeves and helps you get it done, so you don’t lose any more time or tears trying to figure out what to say, how to find your voice, or how to deliver it powerfully


I’m glad you’re here.

It’s my pure honor and delight to offer the tools, skills, and insights I’ve acquired to make your journey simpler…
and even fun with intimate retreats, virtual coaching, and plenty of dark chocolate. 🙂

If your soul is urging you to get started, check out The Message Matrix Retreat Program and feel free to apply if it resonates.

If it doesn’t but you’re interested in other types of support, just make a note of that in the application.

If you’re not sure about all this, check out the Free Gift below: How I Wrote, Published, and Launched a Bestseller in Less than 3 Months. It’s a GREAT way to get to know me and some of my messengers, and learn all of the secrets I used to make that message magic happen!




Founder of True to Intention | Speaker | Bestselling Author | Story Junkie
Mindful Messenger Coach | Mommy | Wife | Daughter | Sister | Friend


The Lightning Bolt

In 2007, the idea of becoming an author changed the course of my life forever. I’d just finished lunch with one of my mentors, and was chatting about her new book when she challenged me, “You should write a book, too, Amanda.” I laughed out loud, first because the thought had never entered my mind, and second because she had unknowingly struck a HUGE, painful nerve…and laughing seemed better than crying.

I have the skills to write a book, but what would I say? And who would listen to this 27-year-old who, underneath the apparent success and practiced smile, is actually pretty lost?

My mentor, friends, and family all thought I was on the fast-track to success, but I knew the truth. On the inside, I was losing everything and telling no one. My marriage was on the rocks, my dream career kept vanishing before my eyes, and I was broke. Under that plastic smile and laughter, I was a depressed young woman, disconnected from my purpose, struggling to make ends meet, and feeling ashamed of my small, broken life. Somewhere inside, I still knew I was meant for more.

Trying to keep my composure over my racing heart, I joked, “Maybe I’ll write a book and you can put your name, many degrees, and amazing accomplishments on there.”

She didn’t budge. “Amanda, you have something of value to give to the world now. What is it?”

I don’t know! I feel broken. Everything in my life is still a mess – my marriage, relationships, finances…all of it. 

I don’t remember any of our goodbye. All I remember is turning and running toward my car.

I started crying the minute I got in, trying to release some of the pain in my chest.

What value do I have to give to the world? I asked myself the question over and over, and then something happened.

By the time I pulled into my driveway 45 minutes later, I had uncovered the message that had always been bubbling inside me, I had mentally outlined a series of books, and I knew exactly who I needed to partner with to help me get the word out…

Everyone laughed when I told them I was going to attract a teacher from the movie The Secret, except one. Everyone has ONE person who will believe with them. (If you don’t, you’ve landed in the right place.)

Three months later, almost to the day, a Secret Teacher walked into a Sizzler behind me and invited me to a workshop…

The rest of the story is too long to share here, but here are the highlights:

• I went to the workshop the following week, where I realized ALL of the reasons she was the Secret Teacher that had been placed on my path.

• I was accepted into her train-the-trainer program, and in the process of learning how to create a space for others to heal, I experienced the healing and transformation I needed to share my message powerfully. (By the way, this took 2 more years than it was supposed to, but I wouldn’t trade any of that Upside-Down time for the world now.)

• After my certification, I found myself at another crossroad. I had gotten caught up in someone else’s dream, and when the market crashed, I was faced with the question: Do I dare to dream again and take action on the inspiration to create True to Intention, or do I let the dream go? (I share this story in Upside-Down Mommy.)

• Only three years after I dared to dream, I could hardly recognize my life and my business. I thought I was just going to help people write books, but I’d come to realize there was more to it than that.

Not only was I helping messengers do the inner work and healing they need to do to write their books, share their message from the stage, and develop workshops, I had gathered a beautiful team of people to produce, publish, and launch the books and the new brands they represented.

I was putting on huge transformational events to showcase them, and True to Intention was growing almost without any effort.

And then I finally wrote my book. It took me 3 weeks to write (well, if you don’t count the 6 years of healing that preceded it) and less than 2 months to publish and launch as a #1 Amazon Bestseller. And I didn’t have to compromise anything — my health, my family, or my soul — in the process.

It was magic…

The campaign ended with an amazing 3-day transformational retreat celebration that utterly blew my mind.

And then it was back to Upside-Down…which, if you’ve read the Butterfly Approach Philosophy, you know is the natural next step after activity and magic. It’s a time when you get to (it’s all about how you frame it – get to, not have to! ) face all of the lies — you know, the ones that tell you that you can’t do the next thing you want to do, that you have no value, that what you care about doesn’t matter to God or anyone else…

I spent 3 years rewriting my own stories from lies to love again, launched a new brand called Upside-Down Amanda, and then realized that I needed more of my own Upside-Down Medicine: To follow the painful clues that were trying to lead me to my Truth…and to massive changes in my personal life and the way I show up in my business.

I have big dreams for True to Intention.

It will be fun to see how it all unfolds…

Hope you’ll stick around and play with us — maybe uncover your own message, rewrite your own stories, and share your gift with the world in the way that only you can…


Education & Experience

A bachelors degree in social science/secondary education from Biola University, a certificate from the reading- and writing-intensive Torrey Honors Institute liberal arts program, a teaching credential from Chapman University, four years of working for a professional writing instruction company, and a certification for facilitating a world-class emotional health and life skills program for teens have resulted in the development of an extremely unique skill set that allows me to support messengers at all levels.

  • Four years of honing my critical thinking, content structuring, and writing skills in the reading- and writing-intensive Torrey Honors Institute developed the expertise required to quickly grasp messengers’ intentions and then organize their content in as little as 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Four years of education classes and a teaching credential program polished my ability to structure content in a manner that enables students/readers/audiences to go beyond basic knowledge to a deeper understanding of the message being shared.

  • Four years of teaching students of all ages how to write well, as a mentor teacher for an online writing instruction company, makes it “second nature” for me to go beyond helping a messenger figure out what to write – I teach them how to write it powerfully and hone their basic writing skills for their current writing project and beyond.

  • Two years in a program designed to teach me how to facilitate emotional health and life skills in teens sharpened my communication and facilitation skills so that messengers know they are understood and supported throughout their writing journey, and are able to confidently own every bit of the purpose that unfolds on paper and beyond.


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Official Bio

Upside-Down Speaker, Bestselling Author, Message Strategist, and Mindful Messenger Coach Amanda Johnson helps messengers (aspiring and struggling speakers, authors, and coaches) rewrite their stories from lies to love and change their world with their own powerful messages.

After years of engaging, clarifying, and helping others develop powerful messages (as a Student, a Teacher, and a Master Writing Coach), Amanda uncovered her own. The decision to share it with the world launched her on a journey of personal and professional transformation that quickly made her limited life unrecognizable.

Realizing how powerful a Message can be – not only for the audience, but for the Messenger – Amanda integrated everything she’d learned from some of the world’s most outstanding educators, powerful transformational coaches, and heart-centered business experts, and grew a powerful, profitable brand around her Butterfly Approach to Writing, Speaking, and Training in just a few short years. She not only facilitated more than a dozen books from Inspiration to Impact, and several of those to Amazon Bestseller and award-winning status, but she helped those Messengers heal their old stories and develop their capacity to help others.

Today, she is helping others clarify their core message, uncover their divine brand to make it memorable, and share it with readers and audiences in a way that facilitates real internal change and obvious results in their lives. But, more importantly, she helps them become powerful Messengers, who know how, and more importantly, have the capacity, to deliver their message and build powerful, profitable brands and businesses WITHOUT compromising their health, their sanity, or their soul.

In 2013, Amanda FINALLY wrote her own book Upside-Down Mommy…in less than 3 weeks…and published and made it an Amazon Bestseller in less than 2 months. In it, she shares The Butterfly Approach philosophy responsible for her successes as a parent, wife, messenger, and coach.