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“Why Me?”

Ugh, you guys… Writing a book is so easy… But diving back into the old story… And then facing the reality that there is still some of that old story lurking in the current one… And then going back to that character and staying with all of crappy emotions that come up… And then trying

“Don’t cry for me when I’m gone…”

Having spent the first 13 years of his life with her part of his daily life, I wondered how my kiddo was going to take the news of her passing. His peaceful response made me smile: “Mom, remember what she always used to say to us: ‘Don’t cry for me when I’m gone.’” I don’t know how ma


It was 4 a.m. last Tuesday. Eyes closed, I cringed at the idea of tackling the day’s list on so few hours of rest. Why can’t I go back to sleep? The moment I asked the question, I was overwhelmed with images and phrases that were not mine. They were scenes from my gramma’s life and st

“It’s not judgment if it’s true…”

“It’s not judgment if it’s true…” His head snapped up as soon as I said it; and when he saw me shrug sheepishly, my almost-as-smart-mouthed-as-his-mom-14-year-old roared with laughter. We had just finished watching one of our favorite talent shows, where we had collectively agre

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