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“Nobody Puts HER in a Corner.” :)

A week ago, I turned 38. Today, I completed the first “Write Yourself into a Better Story Challenge,” where I have witnessed courageous men and women begin to revise storylines that were sabotaging their sanity, their health, and their purpose. Tomorrow, I launch my Mindfu

“I lived through the best years of this world…”

Last weekend, we decided to watch the Carol Burnett Show’s 50th Anniversary tribute.    My husband and I wondered if our teenager would be cool with it, but agreed that the slapstick element would probably keep his butt on the couch long enough that he might come to appreciate t

“That’s what happens when you put the cart before the horse.” [Bestseller Quest Starts NOW!]

My gramma always moved fast and was notorious for getting a little ahead of herself. She’d “get a bug up her butt” [her words] to do one thing—clean a pantry or closet, redecorate a room, or do some gardening—and in no time at all, she found herself in pretty deep. Not just one pantry

“Why Me?”

Ugh, you guys… Writing a book is so easy… But diving back into the old story… And then facing the reality that there is still some of that old story lurking in the current one… And then going back to that character and staying with all of crappy emotions that come up… And then trying

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What if you could LOVE your Mondays? Expert headhunter and superhero recruiting guru, Renee Frey, ha
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Dr. Niki Elliott

Are you someone who seems to absorb the physical or emotional energy of those around you? Do you kno
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Getting Out of Your Own Way and Making More Money Have Never Been So Easy After twenty years of help
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